Top 13 Alexa alternatives + Alexa vs semrush in 2023

Stop Alexa activity! But we don’t stop here top 13 Alexa alternatives , You may have heard that Alexa intends to close in 2022. With the completion of Alexa, SEOs, webmasters, and all those who work in site analysis need a suitable  Alexa alternatives to provide site analysis services. Many sites like semrush and  other tools can help activists in the field of site analysis and be a best Alexa alternative.

If you are one of those who have been doing site analysis with Alexa so far and are looking for a site similar to Alexa with the same services, be sure to read this text to the end to choose the best Alexa alternatives for your site analysis. stay with KitDone .

What is Alexa? Start working until the end of work and Alexa alternatives 

Two web entrepreneurs, Brewster Kiel and Bruce Gleet founded Alexa in 1996.

Amazon acquired Alexa in 1999. Amazon expanded the website to make it an intelligent search engine. Amazon realized in 2008 that it could not compete with superpowers such as Google in web search, so it dedicated the site to ranking and analyzing the most visited sites.

After this change of activity, the Alexa site and ranking the most visited sites tried to show the number of website visitors and the average number of pages that each person visited the site. Of course, this site also offers other parameters such as bounce rate and average duration of users on the site. However, Alexa was an ideal choice for webmasters and analytics activists to view the website and other analytics rankings and improve their Alexa rank for better visibility in search engines. 

Alexa has announced that it will cease operations in 2022. If you visit the Alexa website, you will see a red banner in which Alexa says that the site will be closed next year. According to Alexa: “We will retire Alexa’s site on May 1, 2022.” Given the importance of site analysis, having an alternative tool can undoubtedly be very important and necessary after Alexa retires. Follow the text to get acquainted with the best alternatives to Alexa. 

SimilarWeb for competitor analysis, site analysis, and backlink review

One of the best and most suitable sites for quick analysis of your site is (SimilarWeb), operating from 2007 until today. SimilarWeb is one of the Alexa alternatives that are very convenient and practical; Because it is both more accurate than its competitors and much richer in terms of data reception. This site offers professional and powerful SEO expertise.

This site also analyzes site traffic. The site’s unique robots allow this tool to do its job very quickly and accurately. Other uses for the Similar Web site include providing backlinks, accurate geographic visitor statistics, and analysis of social media campaigns. These factors will affect your SEO and are very valuable for competitors’ analysis. Therefore, it can be said that SimilarWeb is one of the Alexa alternatives that do the research well. 

If you upgrade your site to SimilarWeb Pro, you will undoubtedly have other features. These features include how users’ devices are distributed, information about audiences, and traffic coming from social networks. One of the essential points of this site is that it is free to register and easy to install in the browser. 

Do you think Similarweb is a best alexa alternative or not?

Alexa alternatives
Alexa alternatives

SEMrush is a versatile tool.  alexa vs semrush ?

SEMrush is another powerful tool for SEO and site analysis. SEMrush is another alternative to Alexa. This tool was initially created as an internal marketing tool but then became one of the most powerful SEO tools in the industry. SEMrush offers blogs and webinars full of information to help you grow your SEO and business knowledge. 

Semrush is a first-class, versatile, and highly accurate tool used by SEO professionals worldwide.

If this is your first time investing in SEO software, Semrush is the tool to choose from as it allows you to efficiently perform advanced SEO tasks. Semrush provides you with all the information you need to carefully review and improve your SEO. This tool can help you measure, improve the site, and report the goals of digital marketing. 

SEMrush is a tool for all professional services such as keyword research, competitor analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. This service is provided to people by paying a monthly and annual fee. Of course, by registering on the site for up to a month, its benefits can be used for free.

Alexa and SEMrush are both powerful digital marketing tools designed to help website owners and marketers increase their visibility and improve their search engine ranking. While they share many similarities, they also have some significant differences.

Pros of Alexa:

  1. Free to use: Alexa offers a free version of its web analytics service, which provides basic information about website traffic and engagement.
  2. User-friendly: Alexa has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to understand and use.
  3. Integration with other tools: Alexa integrates with a number of popular tools, such as Google Analytics and Moz, to provide a more comprehensive view of website performance.

Cons of Alexa:

  1. Limited data: Alexa’s free version provides limited data and may not provide enough information for more complex marketing needs.
  2. Inaccurate data: Alexa relies on a limited sample of users, which can lead to inaccuracies in website traffic and engagement metrics.
  3. Outdated information: Alexa can be slow to update, meaning that information may not reflect recent changes to a website.

Pros of SEMrush:

  1. Comprehensive data: SEMrush provides a wealth of information about website traffic, ranking, and keywords, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers.
  2. Accurate data: SEMrush uses a large sample of users to provide accurate and reliable information about website performance.
  3. Regular updates: SEMrush regularly updates its data, ensuring that users have access to the most recent information about their website.

Cons of SEMrush:

  1. Costly: SEMrush is a paid service, which can be expensive for some users.
  2. Complex interface: SEMrush can be challenging to use for those without a background in digital marketing, as it provides a lot of information and requires a certain level of expertise to interpret.
  3. Limited integration: While SEMrush integrates with some other tools, its integration options are more limited than those offered by Alexa.

In conclusion, both Alexa and SEMrush have their pros and cons and which one is best depends on the specific needs and goals of the user. For those looking for a free, user-friendly tool with limited data, Alexa may be the best option. On the other hand, for those in need of more comprehensive data and regular updates, SEMrush may be the better choice, despite its cost and complexity.

 alexa vs semrush ? which one?

Alexa alternatives
Alexa alternatives


Site analysis with Moz; One of the alternatives to Alexa

One of the oldest and most reputable sites for SEO services is Moz. With over half a million active members, Moz is the most significant SEO community, and of course it can be a very good Alexa alternative.

Moz has endless resources for everyone, from beginners to professionals, so if you’re looking to learn more about SEO or strengthen your tactics, this is one of the best places to start Moz. Services on the Moz site are available permanently for a fee. But novice users can use the services of this site for analysis and analysis of the site for up to one month for free. 

This site uses particular factors such as Doman Authority and Page Authority for scoring. Webmasters and SEOs can use these points for link building and SEO. Services provided by Moz include keyword targeting with Keyword Explorer, site analytics with Link Explorer, and the MozBar toolbar for SEO page analysis. Therefore, it can be said that Moz is a suitable alternative to Alexa.

Alexa alternatives
Alexa alternatives


spyfu is a powerful tool for site optimization

Another alternative to Alexa, a good option for SEO optimization, is spyfu. This tool is a good option for market analysis; Therefore, those who want to compete with their competitors can benefit from the analysis of this site. In addition to understanding competitors’ SEO, this tool is ideal for exploring emerging and undiscovered markets. Features of this site include site comparison, keyword history, domain history, and related keywords. 

In addition to the advantages of this analytical tool, there are also negative points. This tool does not provide the exact keywords that worked for the competitors. The data used for this tool is monthly rather than real-time. Of course, despite these negative points, it can be said that this tool is still one of the powerful services in the field of SEO. If you are one of those people who want to analyze your competitors or discover a new market and enter it, spyfu is a good option. Using this tool is not free, and you have to pay a monthly fee. 


Ahrefs site to build backlinks and check site traffic

One of the sites that can be an excellent alternative to Alexa alternatives is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a powerful tool for reviewing and building site backlinks. Of course, this service has other capabilities as well. These capabilities include checking site traffic, analyzing your site or competitors, keyword status, reviewing and analyzing the performance of specific pages on the site, and so on. For seafarers and those in the field of digital marketing and want to improve their site with link building, Ahrefs is a good option. 

The ahrefs website index includes one trillion websites. This index is updated every 30 minutes and provides new information to users. To start working on this site, just register. For $ 7, you can use the services of this site for a week. Of course, this site, besides providing good services such as checking site traffic, reviewing and building site backlinks, and link-building strategies, also has negative points.

you need Alexa alternatives for sure.


Rankwatch is an alternative to Alexa that is relatively anonymous.

Another alternative to Alexa Ranking is the Rankwatch tool. This site analyst, although anonymous, is a good option for reviewing and rating websites. This service provides essential information about the site to SEOs with fast updates. The capabilities of this site include:

  • Checking backlinks.
  • Researching keywords.
  • Checking the ranking of sites in different periods.
  • Introducing the most inbound traffic.

Rankwatch has more than 25,000 users in 25 countries who use its services and capabilities.

Another feature of Rankwatch is the list of competitors and the keywords they are ranked. The tool also displays keyword rankings in search engines using bar charts. These good Rankwatch features help users to get to know their competitors better and improve their marketing strategies accordingly.

One of the advantages of this Alexa replacement tool is its high accuracy in presenting statistics. This site is also updated daily, which is one of the positive points of this tool. The use of this tool is available to users for a fee. Of course, this tool has a relatively reasonable cost. Not to mention that you can register for free on Rankwatch and use its services for free for up to 14 days.

Performance improvements with GTmetrix; One of Alexa’s alternatives

GTmetrix can be considered one of the best and most popular alternatives to Alexa. After reviewing your site, this service introduces the items that need to be improved by providing different instructions. This tool uses Google’s Pagespeed and Yahoo Yslow standards to analyze your site and rate your website. 

You can watch the analysis videos of the site by registering on the GTmetrix site for free. GTmetrix records the loading of various parameters on the movie site so that you can see how much time it takes to load each episode. You can use this information to identify files with a higher load than other files and perform the necessary operations to increase their loading speed. 

Other features of the GTmetrix service include the ability to compare two websites. Of course, you can compare your site before and after making changes to identify areas that have declined or improved.


DareBoost is another Alexa alternative.

You can use DareBoost for tasks such as site monitoring, speed testing, and site analysis. This tool to analyze the site is available only five times a month. You can use this tool for free to analyze your site; Of course, the free version does not have access to some tools and features. All you have to do is register on the DareBoost site and use its features.

BuiltWith to check websites and keywords

BuiltWith is one of the sites that review websites and ranks them based on popularity among users and incoming traffic. BuiltWith site information is updated weekly. This site is indeed a good tool for checking websites and keywords, but it can not be considered an alternative to Alexa. This website has lower accuracy than Alexa, and its capabilities are limited. 

Quantcast is one of Alexa’s alternatives!

Can the Quantcast tool be considered a suitable alternative to Alexa in site ranking and analysis? Quantcast focuses on analyzing websites to get accurate statistics from users. Quantcast, like Alexa, ranks web pages based on the score they earn. Quantcast examines visitors from a variety of perspectives and provides fascinating information. Of course, given that this tool is not ubiquitous and does not grow significantly, it can not be considered as one of the alternatives to Alexa for site ranking and analysis.

so quantcast vs alexa ? which one ?

Site analysis with Google tools

So far, the article has introduced you to tools and sites that you can use to analyze competitors and rankings. Now the question is, how can we interpret the activities of our site? Google has provided two powerful tools called Google Analytics and Google Search Console for SEOs to analyze their site well. Read on to learn more about these two powerful Google tools. 

Google Toolbar’s Google Search Console

One of the tools and sites that offer the best results in site analysis is Google’s sites. Google Search Console is one of the Google tools that can be very useful in SEO and site analysis. This powerful tool will provide you with everything about site status and analytics. This Google tool is available for free, and everyone can use it for SEO and site analysis. 

Despite its efficient tools and accurate statistics, Google Search Console is undoubtedly one of the best options for site analysis and troubleshooting. So it can be said that registering a site in Google console is one of the essential things that webmasters should do to improve their work. 


Alexa alternatives
Alexa alternatives

Features of Google Console Search include checking Google crawl reports, optimizing website speed, checking the site for malware, checking who links to you, seeing what keywords improve search results, creating a sitemap, and more. .. Cited. So it can be said that the Google Search Console tool can be one of the most suitable alternatives to Alexa that can be used by website owners, SEO professionals, programmers, and webmasters. 

Site analysis with Google tool called Google Analytics.  

Another of the most powerful tools for site analysis globally is a Google tool called Google Analytics. This powerful tool monitors user behavior when viewing the website and provides various reports in this regard. Providing these reports is very useful and valuable for improving the SEO of the site, increasing the sales of products or services, and thus the prosperity of online business. One of the advantages of this tool that makes it much more attractive is that it is free and easy to use.

You can monitor your site, social networks, or blog and receive important information with this tool. This information includes how users log in, conversion rates, how long they stay on the page, and everything that happens on your site. Of course, this is not the whole story; Using Google Analytics, you can see the number of people visiting the site, the geographical location of the visitors, the number of visitors who have become customers, the pages that have become more popular, and attractive, and so on. All this information can be vital for webmasters to optimize their sites or blog. Therefore, it can be said that google analytics is one of the alternatives to Alexa. 


As mentioned, Alexa intends to close in 2022. The end of Alexa may bring a lot of worries for webmasters to check their site ranking. Although Alexa provides complete and valuable information about the site to administrators, webmasters need to look for a suitable replacement for Alexa. As you can see, Alexa has many competitors that can be an alternative to Alexa. If you plan to SEO your site, you can start using the Alexa alternative tools mentioned above. According to your needs, you can replace Alexa with the best option for site analysis information.

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alexa vs semrush which better?

In a simple and quick answer
Each of these websites has different features
Alexa worked better in the field of backlinks
And Semrush works better in terms of finding keywords
Anyway, today Samrash is active, and Alexa has finished her activity
And you better use Semrush

Which site is the best alternative to Alexa?

All these websites provide valuable services, but in my opinion, the best alternative to Alexa is Ahrefs

alexa vs ahrefs which better?

Alexa had stronger resources and ahrefs has a better presentation
The best alternative to Alexa can be ahrefs


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