14 Best Cloud storage providers of 2023 for small business

What is the cloud, and what are the 14 best Cloud storage providers ?

It is enough to compare the facilities and technologies of humankind today with 10 years ago.

That’s when you realize that software, applications, products, services, operating systems, and everything, in general, are quickly on the way to the Internet.

As a result, billions of dollars are invested annually in providing internet services, one of which is cloud storage. In this article from kitdone, we will introduce you to the concept and use of different types of cloud storage, examine its advantages and disadvantages and list 14 of the best cloud storage spaces for you.


What are Cloud storage providers ?

Have you ever wondered how and where a number is stored when you add it to your mobile phone contacts?

To save your data and files, you need storage space. Do you remember the magnetic cassette tapes widely used to record sound and music? What about floppy disks? CD, DVD, RAM, flash and internal and external hard drives are all types of storage used all day.

After Blu-ray discs, the cloud is the newest type of storage.

Cloud storage is a technology that allows you to store your digital files in a non-physical space like never before.

But what does cloud storage mean in Word? The word “storage” is clear; It is the act of saving data.

The word “cloud” also refers to the Internet.

All services provided through the Internet are called Cloud storage providers. For example, Spotify is a music cloud service provider.

Therefore, Cloud Hosting Services are a space on the Internet where you can store your information and digital files like a hard drive and access them easily anywhere and at any time.

Since physical storage can be damaged, corrupted or stolen, the idea of ​​using memory on the Internet was born.

The entire responsibility for the data you store in the cloud rests with the provider of these services. In other words, the Cloud Hosting Services is responsible for hosting providing, securing, maintaining and ensuring that you can access your data anytime.

cloud storage providers on 2023
cloud storage providers on 2023


Are there different types of Cloud storage providers?

Different people and businesses need to store different types of files and data. For example, medical students may need to save their research files and refer to them from time to time for reading.

A photographer may want to save the photos he has taken somewhere for future use. Or a bank wants to store data related to daily transactions in addition to data related to customer and employee records.

types of Cloud storage providers on 2023
types of Cloud storage providers on 2023

The different needs of different people and businesses have caused us to have different types of cloud spaces. In general, there are 3 types of cloud space as follows:


The public cloud is the most common type of cloud. All servers on which data is stored are owned and managed by a third-party cloud service provider.

This means that people’s data is located at the provider’s premises and you, as a customer, have no control over the storage infrastructure.

Files stored in a public cloud can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world. If you’ve ever watched a movie on Netflix, you’ve used one of the public clouds.


As the name suggests, private cloud space is a type of Cloud Hosting Services that is not available to the public and only one person or a company can own it. This type of cloud space is also known as internal cloud space. Storage infrastructure (such as servers) is located at the customer’s premises and is accessible only to him.

Its main difference with public Cloud Hosting Services are that public cloud space is accessible through the Internet, while access to private cloud space is only possible through a firewall. (Companies use firewalls to protect their networks, which allow users to access the Internet but prevent hackers and unauthorized access.)

A private cloud is suitable for organizations and companies such as banks that have confidential information.


The infrastructures of public and private Cloud storage providers are combined in the hybrid cloud space. In other words, the hybrid cloud integrates the security advantages of the private cloud with the scalability of the public cloud.

Consider a situation where a company needs to store different types of data. 

The hybrid cloud space was created exactly to meet the needs of such institutions. For example, banks can store customer information in the public cloud so that customers can access it. On the other hand, storing the confidential information of the accounts in the private cloud space is more secure.


How many ways is cloud storage possible?

There are 3 methods for cloud storage as follows:

1.File Storage

In this storage model, just like in computers, data is organized into hierarchical files and folders. The files in any format are placed in a series of folders, and the folders are arranged in the main and subdirectories. In this way, when you need a file, you only need to know its path and from which the main directory should go to the subdirectory and in which folder to look for the desired file.

2.Block Storage

In the block storage method, data is grouped into large volumes, each of which is called a “block”. Each block is considered a separate hard drive. Cloud service providers use blocks to separate large amounts of data from each other. This type of storage is more suitable for storing large files due to the small delay in communication between the receiver and the system.

3.Object Storage

It is a data storage method used to manage a large amount of messy data that is difficult or impossible to organize. In other words, instead of the data being stored in a folder or block, it is stored in the form of separate units altogether.

 best Cloud storage providers on 2023
best Cloud storage providers on 2023


Can you be sure of cloud security?

In order to ensure data security, any cloud space’s first line of defense is its encryption system. Encryption systems use complex algorithms to hide user information. For hackers to access your protected information, they need your password.

It’s different from encrypted files that are 100% impenetrable, But breaking their password requires computers with very high processing power, special software and a lot of time. If we want to consider the worst possible case, there will be no safe place to store your data, Even if you keep your information in a safe in the basement.

So, in general, the security of cloud storage space is much higher than that of local space because cloud service providers use more sophisticated security methods than the general public, who store information with their personal computers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using cloud space compared to physical space (offline)

In this section, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Cloud storage providers so that you can better understand their differences and make a more practical choice.


The price of buying physical storage space (such as flash and hard drives) is higher than cloud space.


Unlike the physical space, in the Cloud storage providers, you can access your information from anywhere and at any time.


Since the Cloud storage providers apply more and more extensive protection layers to their services, the security of the cloud storage space is much more than the physical space. Thanks to the encryption algorithms, only the personnel and people of your collection can access the files stored in your cloud storage.


Storing data on physical storage is much faster than uploading it to the Internet.

Synchronization and updating

When you change a file in the cloud, those changes are immediately synchronized and updated on all the devices you use. This feature saves you a lot of time and makes your work easier.

Information recycling

In case of hard disk failure or malfunction, recovering your data will be very difficult and expensive. But if you keep a backup copy of all the information on your hard drive in your cloud storage, you can use your cloud space as an alternative solution in case of any problems.

Internet connection

Contrary to physical space, in cloud storage, having a strong connection to the Internet is considered a necessity. Otherwise, you will not be able to upload or download any information or files.


Since your cloud service provider company may face problems such as power outages, internet speed drops, and equipment maintenance, these problems directly impact your performance; you should consider a factor called “downtime” in using the spaces. Abari considered.

What are the 10 best cloud storage providers?

Today, there are many cloud service providers that are getting better day by day. In this section, Medirob has prepared a list of 10 of the best cloud service providers in the world so that you can make the best choice to meet your business needs.


1- Google Cloud (Google Drive)

Google Drive is one of the most trusted free Cloud storage providers created by Google.

It is possible to use the Google Drive service for all users who have a Gmail account.

Google Drive also has a set of office tools that compete with Microsoft Office. Tools such as Docs, which does the work of Word in the office, Sheets, which does the work of Excel, and Slides, which is the version of Google PowerPoint.

By registering in the cloud space of Google Drive, you can benefit from 15 GB of space for free, but if you need more space, you will be required to pay. In addition, you will be able to edit all your office documents at once and share them with your colleagues from there.

 It should be noted that this service can coordinate and integrate with all other Google services and can be accessed from all available platforms (including Android, iOS and Windows).



2- Microsoft cloud storage (Microsoft OneDrive)

One Drive (Microsoft OneDrive) is the second free option from our list of the best Cloud storage providers developed by Microsoft (maker of Windows). Of course, Microsoft has also created Microsoft Azure and SharePoint services, and OneDrive is not the only Microsoft cloud service.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s default solution for Windows users, compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Microsoft’s cloud space is also fully compatible and coordinated with some of the company’s products (such as the Office suite), allowing you to save your office documents in your cloud storage instantly without additional work.

Like Google Drive, Microsoft’s cloud space also allocates an initial volume of 5 GB to each user for free, and you have to pay to increase it. Also, this service can be used for owners of any device, including Xbox.



3- Dropbox 

Dropbox is one of the oldest and best cloud service providers, providing 2 GB of free initial storage to all its users. You can use the Dropbox cloud on all available platforms.

You can easily save files and use your service through the Dropbox website, wherever you have access to the Internet. Or use its application developed for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

One of the fantastic advantages of Dropbox cloud space is its ability to work offline. When you are connected to the Internet, you can specify the files and folders you need to access offline in the future. This way, if you don’t have access to the Internet for any reason (including traveling by plane), you will still be able to access all your work.



4- pCloud 

pCloud is the name of another best Cloud storage providers that allows businesses and private users to store their files and information in a secure environment. With PayCloud, you can access your files through any device you have (such as a computer, laptop or mobile) and at any hour of the day or night.

pCloud guarantees the security of all your data and files against problems and accidents. Apart from the password users set for themselves, PayCloud uses an independent encryption system to ensure the security of its customers’ data security.

Most importantly, PayCloud can sync and integrate with the social media platforms, content management systems (like WordPress) and other third-party services you use. This way, you can easily back up all the essential content in different programs.

It should be noted that pCloud has considered an initial volume of up to 10 GB for users to use its cloud service for free.



5- Amazon Drive 

Amazon is one of the great and best Cloud storage providers, which started its activity in the year 2000 in providing Internet services. Amazon Drive is the name of this company’s cloud service that offers unlimited space for storing photos.

Amazon Drive users initially receive 5 GB of cloud space for free from Amazon, and if they need more, they can use the company’s paid plans.

It is important to note that this service is made for personal use and is not suitable for businesses and businesses.

Amazon Drive is suitable for backing up and recovering files and is mostly used by people who want to upload images and videos. In addition to being fully compatible with different platforms, this cloud storage uses drag and drop functionality (drag and drop files), which makes it very easy to work with.



6- IDrive cloud storage 

IDrive is a cloud backup tool developed for small and large businesses and personal users of Windows, Mac and smartphones. iDrive has 3 plans to offer its customers: 1. Basic plan that offers up to 5 GB of free cloud storage space 2.

The personal plan has up to 2 TB of storage space 3. A business plan that has 250 GB of storage space.

In free and personal plans, users can access their files on all devices by creating only one account without paying additional fees. But in the business plan, businesses can create multiple user accounts so that team members can use this service, each with their account.



7- Apple iCloud cloud storage 

iCloud is Apple’s Cloud storage providers that has been operating since 2011. This cloud storage is only for users of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV) and Windows.

But since an Apple ID is needed to register in iCloud, creating an account can only be done using iOS devices with iOS 5 or higher or Macintosh (Apple company computers with the Mac operating system).

X Lion and higher is possible, and users who do not have at least one of Apple’s products alongside their Windows, will not be able to create an account in iCloud. Of course, this only applies to the initial creation of the account, and Windows users will be able to use all its features after registration.

iCloud users can save all kinds of files in their cloud storage and automatically synchronize them with their other devices. Thanks to the Family Sharing feature, iCloud users can easily share their music, videos, images and other files with their family members. Also, you don’t need to worry about your lost Apple devices anymore. Because iCloud uses another feature called (Find My iPhone) that helps you find your device.

After registration, the Cloud storage providers will give you an initial free volume equal to 5 GB, and if you need more memory, you can upgrade your plan by paying a fee.



10- mega.io

Another name in the list of the best Cloud storage providers is the mega.io cloud space. This cloud space has a straightforward user interface, and you can quickly work with it.

The ability to drag and drop files in Mega is one of the tricks that will help you use this Cloud storage provider quickly and easily. One of the features of this cloud space is that you can easily access it through different clients and devices. Also, this cloud space has a mobile application that you can use to store your photos, videos and other information in this free space.

Another unique feature of this cloud space is your data and information security.

Mega.io Cloud claims that the data is encrypted on the server when you send information. Data encryption ensures that the stored information has the highest level of security so that you can feel at ease about the most important personal or business information.

If your data volume is large, you can use cloud space up to 20 GB for free! This amount of memory is excellent compared to other cloud spaces! This memory can be increased up to 200 GB by paying $4.99 per month.

It is noteworthy that mega.io’s cloud space has various facilities suitable for every job. As a result, you can professionally follow your business by buying a suitable space. You can manage your account easily and directly by installing a desktop program.




One of the best Cloud storage providers that you can use for your business is the box.com cloud space. This cloud space has business user accounts with very high security, and you can easily store a large amount of your work information.

Many applications support this cloud space, so you will not have to worry about the compatibility of your device with this cloud space.

On box.com, you can use paid and free options. If you use the free cloud space, you can benefit from 10 gigs of memory space. Its paid plans are also very reasonable, so you can use its 100 GB cloud space by paying only $5 per month.

Cloud box.com has an official client for Android. A sync client is also available from the download page for Windows and Mac.

Considering that this cloud space is one of the oldest existing memories, this space is compatible with many applications, including Office 365 and Google Docs.

Of course, one of the negative features of this cloud space is that your uploaded files in the free plan cannot exceed 250 megabytes in size. Therefore, to save a heavier file, you should edit it into smaller parts.

Among the other positive features of the cloud space of box.com, the box is integrated with application software such as AutoCAD and tools such as sheets and slides so that you can easily do and save all your work in one space.




Another one of the best cloud spaces you can use for free and a fee is the Mediafire cloud space. This cloud space provides up to 10 GB of memory for free. The exciting thing about this cloud space is that you can increase your memory space up to 50 gigabytes for free, not only by paying but also by inviting your friends or following the virtual pages of Media Fire.

Mediafire’s cloud file-sharing capabilities are one of its best features.

So that you can share your heaviest files, up to 20 gigabytes, easily and at high speed, this cloud space also allows you to share files even with users who do not use the Media Fire cloud space.

The user interface of this cloud space is also very simple and functional. Mediafire has designed and marketed various applications for Android and iOS so that anyone with any device and operating system can use this memory space.

Mediafire has been working for more than 10 years and during this time many people around the world have used it to store their personal and business information.



13- Terabox.com

One of the best cloud spaces where you can benefit from one terabyte of memory for free is the cloud space of terabox.com.

One of the great features of this cloud space is its wonderful free memory, where you can save and share any file in any format.

This memory space is one of the most powerful types available in cloud spaces that have benefited from artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence helps you easily organize your business and store every information file in its proper place.

Another feature of terabox.com’s cloud space is the ability to synchronize and back up information. This memory space has high security and is suitable for leaving your information with peace of mind.

You can view your shared files on any device and operating system, from laptops to mobile phones.

In this memory space, as mentioned above, saved files are intelligently transferred to different projects so that you can reaccess them and organize your work more efficiently and quickly.

Photos and videos are shown to you as a preview before they are displayed. Photos are backed up automatically. Also, the memory space provided to you is permanent, and you can use it as long as you want.



last Word

Different people and businesses, both digital and traditional, sometimes need to store a considerable amount of their digital information in a safe place to use again in the future. The cloud storage space, an unlimited virtual hard drive, helps people and businesses meet their needs and save their physical storage from the burden of this amount of information at a lower cost.

In this way, the task of providing and maintaining all the hardware and software infrastructure needed to do this work is entrusted to the cloud service provider companies so that people do not need to provide these preparations themselves.

By using cloud storage, the employees of a company will be able to access the most updated version of the company’s information and file with any device, from anywhere and at any hour of the day and night, and do their work remotely.

In addition, using the Internet to store information can also positively impact the environment. Because, in this case, energy consumption is saved to a great extent.


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