Facebook marketing strategies That Blow your mind + Creative 2023 Solutions

I’m here to blow your mind with Facebook marketing strategies on 2023 ,When the name of social networks is heard, several main media such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook are associated in mind. While many people may still need accurate information and statistics about these networks, it might be better to know that, contrary to what it seems, Instagram is not the most popular social network in the world. stay with KitDone, In KitDone You can Find all services and tools for your business.

Facebook social media is at the top of the list with a significant difference compared to other networks. More interestingly, since Facebook started its professional activity and reached this position, no other social network has reached its current popularity.

Facebook marketing strategies 2023
Facebook marketing strategies on 2023

This exemplary popularity made Facebook very quickly become an active platform for business activities. Facebook was the first social network worldwide where many economic exchanges took place.

It took only a short time after the beginning of this event that Facebook officially unveiled its advertising and professional platform for online businesses. After that, this media officially became the largest social network in the world.

More than a decade has passed since the popularity of Facebook. Although this media has found many powerful competitors, it is still ruling the world of social media, especially in the business sector.

In recent years, the rate of influence of Facebook in the discussion of commercial transactions has been unprecedented, and this issue has led to the formation of unique marketing as marketing with Facebook (Facebook Marketing). In the past years, Facebook has made a lot of efforts to expand its advertising and commercial services, and now it has reached a position where it is considered a serious competitor to Google, even in the field of advertising.

In this article from the Kitdone, we will introduce you to this powerful social network and examine various aspects of marketing with Facebook. But before entering into this discussion, it is better to know a little more about the nature of Facebook and its history. It might be interesting to know that many people, just as they have only heard a simple name from companies like Google, think the same about Facebook and consider it just a simple social network.

We want to tell you why Facebook is one of online businesses’ most important traffic and revenue channels.


A look at the history of Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook was first launched as an academic project in February 2004. At that time, Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard University student, and several roommates, including Eduardo Severin, Andre McCollum and Chris Hughes, launched this project. They initially created a website and turned it into a forum.

In the beginning, only Harvard University students could join it, but a few months later, Facebook allowed students from other American and Canadian universities to join. Finally, in September 2006, this social network became available to people around the world who had an active email address and were over 13 years old.

While this academic project faced more opposition than expected, Mark Zuckerberg decided to develop it professionally. Because of this, he gave up on continuing his studies at the university and spent all his time programming and developing Facebook.

Before working on the Facebook project, Mark Zuckerberg had launched an exclusive project called FaceMash, which was the first experimental version of Facebook.

This project was straightforward and more like a web game. But this simple idea made Zuckerberg think of developing it. While the original project was completely changed to Facebook.com in 2010, Zuckerberg still made a good amount of money by selling the FaceMash.com domain. He sold this domain for more than $30,000 to get enough capital to develop Facebook further.

Of course, in 2004, when the high potential of this media appeared for many investors, Mr. Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist, invested an amount worth 500 thousand dollars in this startup, making Facebook a start. Controversial.


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The reason for naming Facebook

The word Facebook, which consists of the separate words Face and Book, was invented to display people’s photos. At that time, the main purpose of building this website was to create a virtual community to communicate between Harvard University students.

Since the photo and profile image of the members was the main symbol of this site, the name Facebook was the best choice for this project.

The current value and position of Facebook and Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook’s exponential development and popularity were so fast that it may have been recorded as a record in history. Only after 4 years after the launch of this social network, in the second half of 2018, the number of users of this network exceeded 100 million.

This figure reached more than 300 million people by the end of 2009, and a few months later, in early 2010, the number of active Facebook users increased to more than 400 million.

This process continued this way and with a stunning scale until finally, at the beginning of 2017, Facebook became the most popular social network worldwide by recording an incredible record of 1 billion and 860 million users!

According to the latest Facebook reports, this social media currently has more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. This means that nearly one-third of the world’s population is a member of this media!

After 2010, Facebook became one of the most prominent digital and profitable online businesses. Professional policies and critical decisions made Facebook go much faster on its path to success.

One of the most significant events in the digital world, not only for this company but for the world of technology, was the purchase of the Instagram social network by this company in 2012.

In April 2012, the company bought Instagram, two years after its launch, for $1 billion and took advantage of the hidden potential of this popular network.

But wait, the more strange news that surprises everyone is that Facebook went to the most popular messenger in the world, WhatsApp, after Instagram. In 2014, the company announced that it had acquired WhatsApp for an incredible $19 billion! This staggering sum was raised entirely by Facebook’s pre-acquired assets.

This shows how profitable Facebook has been over the years. But how did a simple university project turn into a huge money-making company? The answer to this question lies in several parts.

Still, the most important thing that brought Facebook to this position was its smart advertising system, which was profitable for the company itself and very useful for its audience.

This intelligent and professional system has greatly benefited many other companies and businesses. Its collection has been placed in the form of new marketing in the Internet world.

In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to the topic of marketing with Facebook or Facebook marketing and explain why this type of marketing is used globally.


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What does  Facebook marketing strategies &Facebook marketing mean?

Like any other social network active in online businesses, Facebook has prepared excellent tools and solutions for your business. 

Many reasons compel users to create a user account in this network, one of the most important of which is the membership system and profile storage on the company’s cloud servers. Many software and gaming companies have provided conditions for their contacts by using the comprehensive and evolved a Facebook system to use their facilities with the help of their Facebook user account.

Google previously implemented such a move. That people can do this very easily with one click using their Google account instead of filling out the registration form and creating a user account in different applications or sites. Were doing Now, Facebook has provided such a feature to companies and their contacts. Many of today’s mobile online games have used Facebook instead of creating a separate user account, which has doubled users’ convenience, and they do not need to spend time creating and verifying a new user account.

With these interpretations, Facebook is now an international media on the Internet and having a user account in this media has somehow become inevitable. Considering this fact, you can understand why nearly 3 billion people have user accounts on this social network. Now, with these conditions, a network with this audience volume cannot be a wonderful platform for you and your business through which you can introduce your products or services to a wide range of users who are likely to become customers.

Usually, an internet business uses Facebook for two general purposes:

1. Having a page to establish a close relationship with the contacts

2. Using Facebook advertising tools and services to develop and increase the productivity of business activities

Facebook has provided conditions for business pages, with the help of which you, as the owner of an online business, can introduce products, attract contacts and encourage users to become customers.



Where do we start with Facebook marketing strategies?

Before you start working on Facebook, you should know that Facebook generally allows users to create a page in two main sections. Many users typically register on Facebook and mistakenly share content for their business on the exact normal pages. So if you have a regular page on Facebook, you should convert it into a business page.

The primary standards and steps of building and setting up a business page on Facebook:

1.Creating a business page or Facebook Business Page

  • For this, you must first go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create . By referring to this section, you can enter Facebook with the help of the user account you created earlier and follow the steps to set up the business page. If you still need to get a Facebook account, you can easily create Facebook account from the registration section at https://www.facebook.com/reg .


  • After you go to the Facebook Business Page section, you should select the type of your business page from two modes: Business/Brand or Community/Public Figure. If you own a corporate business and a specific brand, you should choose the first option, and if you are a workgroup or a public figure, you should choose the second option.


  • Finally, in the last section, you should enter explanations about the type of business and its specifications.



2.Add a profile picture.

Usually, the first thing users have to do after filling out the registration form is to choose an original photo for their profile. Apart from the profile image on Facebook, which can be a photo of a person or a company’s brand logo, there is also a section for placing cover images. In this section, you can design an impressive banner or cover.

Pay attention to the size of the images you design for these two parts. For the profile photo, you should choose or design a square image whose height and width are the same size.

The size of this image must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. For the cover part, the standard size is 851 x 315 pixels in desktop browsers and 640 x 360 pixels in smart mobile browsers. The recommended size for Facebook timelines is 1200 x 628 pixels.



3.Complete page specifications

Fill in the important details from the Edit Page Info section:

  • Description: In this section, up to 255 characters of description about the summary of activities and services provided or a short introduction of your brand should be written.
  • Contact information: In this section, you can enter your contact information, such as your website address, email or contact number.
  • Extra options: There is also a separate option to enter more information, such as working hours, product price range, and privacy policy.

4.Creating a Facebook username or page address

The username is one of the most important things to pay attention to while building and setting up a business Facebook page. This username is also called Vanity URL. The maximum number of characters allowed to choose a username on Facebook is 50 characters. This username will be the address of your Facebook page. Click on Create Page @Username to register your Facebook username.

Pay attention to these two points to choose a name:

  • It is better to choose a username or use your brand name in Latin. Use a simple name that can be easily searched for by users.
  • Your chosen username is recommended to be the same one you use on other social networks. This will make it easier to access and remember the address of your pages and increase your work’s prestige.

5.Add a call-to-action button.

Call-to-action is a valuable tool to make it easier for users to communicate effectively with you. This feature is an interesting way to deliver important information to the audience and is one of the best ways to sell products or introduce people to a brand. The editor has introduced this topic in another article. We advise you to pay attention to reading this article.


6.Check and review the settings and different sections of your Facebook page.

Apart from the mentioned sections, Facebook also has sub- and side options with the help of which you can make special changes on your page. Before finalizing the page, it is better to look at all these sections, especially the security and privacy section, and apply important security tips on your page with Facebook’s solutions and suggestions.

Types of content that can be shared on Facebook ( very useful for Facebook marketing strategies)

Now that your business page is set up on Facebook, it’s time to think about creating content on this medium. Before you want to do this without planning or needing more information, it is better to know what type of posts and content can be shared on Facebook.

1.Text content or Status Post

The most important, most straightforward and, at the same time, most used type of content sharing on Facebook is written and text content. There are no special formats, links, photos, videos or other files in this content; only plain text is written. You may have heard the saying before that influence lies in simplicity.

Facebook is one of the social media that has made this sentence meaningful.

It is interesting to know that most type of the content shared on Facebook is by big companies or personal brands, and many of them have brought the reaction of many contacts just by writing a simple question or news.

A post containing text may not be a way to refer contacts to your website or try to convert contacts into customers, but it is the most effortless way to engage users with your business. Usually, successful people use this type of post as an interesting way to engage the audience and encourage them to leave comments.


2.Image content or Photo Post

Since, unlike normal texts, many users need more patience to read texts, especially long ones on social networks, photos are a great way to attract their attention. This kind of thing has been used exactly in other social networks, especially Instagram, and its positive result is noticeable in almost every media.

A post containing a photo (of course, not an ordinary and low-level photo, but an engaging and attractive photo) has a higher engagement rate and attention than text.

With the help of photos, you can show your products to your contacts in the easiest and fastest possible time. You can be sure that people will love to see attractive images, especially if you have put some taste in their design. Also, the interesting point here is that using text in the image is far more popular than normal text.

But we should clearly show long texts in images to the audience. The best solution is to include an important summary and abstract of your long text with the help of content marketing strategies and then encourage people to read the full description from the Description section.

It is better to take the creation and sharing of images on social networks such as Facebook seriously. If you want to engage the audience’s mind with these images and encourage them to follow your page, it is better to combine creativity, quality and modernity. Even if you do not have a hand in the design, you can hire a graphic designer or use freelancers to make these images. There is also an interesting and simpler solution, which is to create a default template for all images, and each time a new photo is shared, only the text inside them changes.

3.Video content or Video Post

Like image content, video content can also be shared on Facebook, ironically one of the most popular social networks in this field. Sharing videos on Facebook’s powerful and high-speed servers is very easy, and at the same time, it has excellent feedback.

Big companies use short videos to introduce their products through teasers on Facebook.

By doing this, they not only prevent customers from getting tired of watching long videos but also encourage them to visit your website to learn more about that product.

Like Instagram, where videos are automatically played in the feed, Facebook is the same way. So, even if a user sees a few seconds of your video, his attention will be drawn to your post and page. But the condition of this issue is making high-quality and fascinating teasers and videos.

Facebook itself recommends using shorter videos more often. But this does not mean that Facebook has no place for long videos. Facebook suggested that you use long videos to show a complete story, and it has declared the appropriate time frame for it to be at least 1 minute, and the ideal state is between 3 and 5 minutes.

Remember that one of the advantages of image or video posts is the possibility of sharing by users. The results showed that almost 60% of the contacts who welcomed your videos and images on Facebook and liked them shared them among their friends on Facebook and other media.



4.Live videos or Live Video

In the last few years, we saw the addition of live videos on social networks.

Just like Instagram Live and YouTube, Facebook Live also has similar features. This feature was added to Facebook for the first time in 2016, and according to official statistics, more than 2 billion people have participated in Facebook Live videos. It can be said that Facebook is more popular than Instagram in this regard. 

Live videos are a very effective way to create a sense of trust in the audience. Many big companies use these videos to show what is happening behind the scenes of their business. This kind of work makes the users’ subconscious mind feel that you value their curiosity and are even willing to provide them with more confidential information in this way.

But apart from this issue, more users’ live videos have 100% direct communication of a business (specifically the management of that business) with the audience.

This work allows you, as a business owner, to directly monitor users’ ideas, opinions, suggestions, and criticisms, and with this approach, you value your contacts and customers.

Many business owners use live videos to publish special news or exclusive information, introduce a product, and check it in real time. This will significantly improve your close relationship with your audience.

If you have the opportunity to answer the questions, you can go through this popularity process faster. In this case, Facebook is a suitable platform for businesses.



We are familiar with stories—something we see on Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Stories have become an integral part of social media and are a simple but great way to share information ad hoc. Facebook needed to catch up and launch its stories system.

You can publish your stories in short videos or still images on Facebook so that the chances of seeing them are higher than the posts in the feed section. There are interesting features, such as using emojis, GIF images, etc., in Facebook stories that can turn your stories from normal to interesting.



6.Linked Content Posts

One of Facebook’s best and most important features is the possibility of publishing posts that contain a link to another site. Facebook checks the links of the pages you enter and displays them along with the description and metadata information. It is also possible to click on the links in the web version or the Facebook application.

Something that doesn’t exist on Instagram and has caused the click rate and receiving input from Instagram through sharing posts to be almost zero!

It is still being determined what the strategies of Instagram managers are. Still, the inability to link texts has undoubtedly plagued many online businesses that use Instagram to direct people to their sites. But fortunately, not only does this problem not exist on Facebook, but the exciting system of these types of posts in this social network has made Facebook one of the best channels for redirecting contacts to your website.

It is enough to insert a link to a page from your website in a regular post so that its information will be analyzed within a few moments. That article will be displayed in your Facebook post along with the main cover photo, article title and summary description (snippet or meta description).

It’s better to be aware that this type of sharing has a click rate of nearly 70% more than normal posts, and it must be said that Facebook is the best social media in this regard.

7.Poll Post content

As we said earlier, one of the ways to get effective traffic is to engage your audience with your business. One of the good ways to involve the audience is to make them a partner in the site’s progress.

Ask them questions to engage them and make them more engaged with you and your business. What better way than a survey? People love surveys, especially if the question in the survey contains exciting information. People enjoy comparing their opinion with others.

As an all-in-one social media platform, Facebook has also allowed you to post a survey on a business page. Of course, these surveys are usually dominated by questions whose answer is at most two options. Doing the work is very simple and easy. Just enter the question first and then specify the options and share it.

You can instantly see the number of votes and the results obtained as a percentage. Interestingly, even these types of posts can be shared on Facebook.



8.Pinned content or Pinned Post

One of the simple but extremely useful functions of Facebook, which is not seen in other social networks, is the possibility of pinning posts published on Facebook.

Usually, there are many times when you publish dozens of posts and content on your page. Still, one is much more important, and you want that particular content always to be available and visible to users.

Facebook has made it possible for you to convert the content that you want to always be at the top of the page into a pinned form so that even after publishing new posts, this content will still be at the top of the page and always be the first content that users see. They will see your page.

Usually, big companies announce their important events in this way.

Although there is something similar on Instagram called Highlight, the two cannot be considered the same because highlights are not things that users quickly notice, while a pinned post is always at the top of the page, ready to be seen. Pinned posts on Facebook are marked with a blue pin next to the post.

The most important Facebook marketing strategies for business and companies


Now that you are well acquainted with the Facebook social network and have learned the various methods of sharing content, it is better to move on to the important techniques and strategies for working on it.

In the continuation of this article, we will teach you several fundamental methods and strategies that you can consider to launch a professional marketing campaign on Facebook.

1.Know your audience

First, you should know that the style and way of implementing marketing campaigns on Facebook are completely different from other networks, especially media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc. Knowing this is the first important point you should pay enough attention to. 

With these interpretations, repeating this work on Facebook is unnecessary as you are looking to attract an audience and the attention of ordinary users on other networks.

This network has its contacts. Since your goal is to convert foreign users into customers, you should focus on obtaining the satisfaction of foreign customers.

By spending some time on this issue and checking other similar business pages, you will see that the number of potential foreign customers is higher than you think. It might be better to say that a fairly large percentage of people in the world use Facebook to find businesses like yours, and this will certainly be one of your most significant opportunities.

Right now, there are many businesses and especially personal brands, that have made amazing incomes through Facebook. 

The bottom line is that you should focus on finding and attracting specific people who use Facebook and stop trying to get everyone to Facebook. As much as Facebook is a social network, it is also a professional forum, which means that you can get interesting results from the needs and tastes of users in this network by spending time in it so that you can finally find your main and targeted contacts.

Perhaps the most important questions that you should look for their answers to in this field and act accordingly to attract the audience are such questions:

  • What age range are your target followers?
  • What country do they live in?
  • What kind of people are they from, and what are their occupations?
  • What are their interests in the digital world?
  • What is their main use of media like Facebook?
  • You can answer these questions through trial and error, as well as analysis or surveys. Fortunately, Facebook, with the help of smart and advanced tools.
  • It will accompany you on this path. Comprehensive and professional Facebook Audience Insights tool is one of these tools.



2.Determine your goals

Looking to create a page on Facebook, like many other businesses that have created a virtual page on any network, is your biggest mistake. The worst mistake is to do baseless activities without planning and with the mindset that any content can be shared on Facebook.

A business may use Facebook only to familiarize the audience with the name of this brand, and its ultimate goal is to attract likes and comments. Although liking, commenting and sharing your content is one of the prerequisites for success in this network, being active only for this purpose will not bring you any financial benefit.

Your only way to make your Facebook page effective and profitable is to set goals and try to achieve them. You have to do it step by step.

For example, you can use a professional technique.

Many businesses start attracting traffic and users’ attention by publishing engaging content without considering the business objectives. But this work must have a final goal.

Successful businesses attract visitors and followers with the help of this type of content before they fully introduce themselves. They publish content that, while entertaining, has a scientific load, and most importantly, it is directly related to the work field of that business.

In fact, with this work, the audience’s mind is prepared to get to know your products or services, and then you can understand how useful this strategy is. So before anything else, consider the last step and analyze what you need to reach that step.

Determine your main goal and follow each of these goals one after the other. Never pursue multiple goals simultaneously because it may confuse you and your audience and backfire.

3.Have a hybrid plan for your content

An exciting rule on Facebook is known as the 80-20 rule. Once your goals are set, the real work begins, producing and sharing targeted content. If you follow the 80-20 rule, you will see the possibility of maximum impact on your activities.

According to the 80-20 rule, you must:

  • Allocate 80% of your posts to informational, educational and entertainment posts.
  • Use the remaining 20% ​​to introduce products and, in other words, make your brand known.

This law is exactly what was explained in the previous section. By entertaining the audience and providing useful scientific information or practical training, you have prepared the ground for the targeted introduction of your product.



4.Keep your business page in the most optimal state possible.

Your Facebook page should always be ready and optimized to achieve the set goals explained earlier. An optimized and professional page is one that people easily find. Also, these pages’ orderly, busy and uncomplicated content is one of the most important signs of an optimized page.

Some of the most important tips to have an attractive, optimized and professional page:

  • High-quality, graphic and impressive profile and cover photos
  • The presence of the Facebook page address in the signature section of emails, newsletters, contact us section on the site and similar channels.
  • Placing like and share buttons on website pages
  • Sharing simple yet rich and purposeful posts
  • Correct use of stories, images and video posts
  • Introducing products in the form of promotion posts
  • Do not promote or overshare promotional posts.

5.Produce and publish exclusive content

One of the reasons people sign up on social media and join a business’s follower list is to receive information that the business claims is only released through the same channel or medium.

You should take this process as well. For this purpose, you can announce on your website or even on other social networks where you are active that, for example, you share special products, discount codes or special and confidential information only on Facebook.

By doing this, you will not force anyone to join your network, but you will encourage them to become your Facebook followers, at least to get exclusive information. Remember that overdoing it may backfire, and you’ll lose visitors and followers on other networks.

6.Publish your posts at specific intervals

It’s been a while since a business got off to a stormy start on social media, encouraging people to follow them for a few months, but after a while, they lost all their contacts with a decrease in activity.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to any business.

Make sure you don’t overdo it and try to have a long-term plan for it. You don’t have to feel obligated to post every day. The number of posts should be less, but their quality should be higher. One to two articles per week is standard and appropriate. Try to keep this process constant, and the time interval between sending posts does not exceed one week.

7.Make the most of various Facebook marketing strategies tools.

As mentioned, Facebook is not just a simple social network. If you intend to do business on Facebook, you can use this medium’s interesting and practical tools to achieve your goals. In the following, we will introduce you to some of the most useful tools and features of Facebook:

Facebook groups for Facebook marketing strategies

Nearly 1.5 billion people use Facebook groups every month.

These groups are among the biggest communication channels of contact on the web. A Facebook group can be like a cafe for you and your friends to gather together.

Facebook groups are the best place for users to exchange information and find interesting ideas.

A Facebook group has other interesting uses. For example, as a business owner, you can have a close relationship with people in this way and use this space to introduce your previous works to increase the value and credibility of yourself and your brand.

Your group can also be identified through the search section for groups, and this is also a unique way to attract new and potential contacts. So try to make your topic and group topics practical, scientific, entertaining, and fascinating.



Facebook Chatbot of Facebook messenger bot

Facebook chatbot, also known as Facebook Messenger bot, is a highly functional and professional tool for businesses that don’t have enough power for 24-hour support on Facebook.

According to an interesting report, more than 20 billion messages are sent by people to business pages on Facebook every month. This incredible figure shows that many users consider Facebook the best way to communicate with businesses because Facebook is fast, accessible and simple. Anyone with a normal smartphone can use it.

One of the significant reasons that led to the growth and development of intelligent chatbots is that, according to research, it was determined that users who send a message to a business normally ask questions about a product or a service only average between They wait 10-15 minutes. If they don’t respond, they go to a similar business and ignore the previous page forever.

On the other hand, these pages’ business owners and administrators need to provide 24-hour support. This led to the creation of support chatbots. Facebook is one of the top social media that is very professionally synced with these bots. You can use one of these bots to communicate with your contacts and have good support for your contacts by preparing default responses such as an updated price list.



Facebook Business Manager tools

Facebook has adopted exciting measures for business pages. In this network, a package or a practical toolbox is available to admins to use to have various tools to implement business campaigns on Facebook. Facebook Business Manager is a set of professional tools for managing and promoting Facebook advertising posts. 

1.Using Facebook advertising systems and tools for Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook has two types of ads called Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel. These two advertising tools will help you organically introduce your products and posts to audiences looking for the same thing. Facebook ads are vast and smart, and to get the best results from them, it is better to consult experts who have access to these ads’ buying and selling panels.



2.Follow and analyze the trend of your activities for Facebook marketing strategies 

Like any other activity in the field of online business, in the Facebook social network, you should continuously check your activities to find the shortcomings and seek to fix them. Facebook has provided you with an interesting tool for this. The Facebook Insights tool is designed for this purpose.

With the help of this tool, you can see the number of likes received, the number of post views (the number of users who have seen your post), the number of user engagements (the number of clicks, comments and shares by users) and even the posts that have led to a drop in the credibility of your page. Find out over a certain period of time.

The Facebook Insights tool also gives you interesting suggestions and helps you make better choices about what kind of posts to share. By analyzing and comparing different pages, this tool identifies numerous suitable solutions for each and provides them to the administrators through this panel.


Activity on Facebook will be fruitful when you benefit from the possibilities and potential hidden in Facebook, along with your other activities on other social networks and, of course, your website.

Facebook alone cannot be a factor in the success of your business. So it would be best if you used Facebook as a communication bridge to introduce your contacts to your main sales channel, which can be another social network or your website. After you’ve managed to attract your users on a global scale, it’s time to use its practical tools to attract international customers.

The fundamental nature of Facebook is free, and it will not cost you anything to create and operate a business page. But when you reach a suitable place in this network, the costs of intelligent advertising seem very reasonable.


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