Top 7 free SEO software tools ( The Ultimate Guide )

This article introduces the free SEO software tools you have always been looking for to optimize your site. These best seo software tools will help you set up your site according to the latest SEO and search engine optimization criteria and standards. stay with Kitdone

SEO; Search engine optimization ( Introduction of free SEO software tools)

Research and statistics show that the amount of information produced by humanity in 2017 was more than the amount produced in the last 5000 years. The world we live in produces a tremendous amount of information at every moment, and for every user in the Internet world, only a small part of it is related to his needs.

In this way, search engines must perform some optimization and strictly display only the highly valued results related to the user’s question. Most users only read the results on the first page of the Google search engine, and in this way, only about 20 results are shown to them out of the millions of results related to their search.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

Consequently, if your website needs visibility to succeed, you must win the tough competition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short). Free SEO and optimization programs and tools help you adapt your website and writing to SEO principles without being fully aware of how search engines work.

Free SEO and site optimization tools offer you the best ways to get closer to SEO standards from various methods such as keyword suggestions, keyword analysis, checking the contribution of each word in daily searches and statistical and computational methods. In this way, the SEO score and, subsequently, your site’s ranking in search engines will increase, which means more visibility.


How good are free SEO software tools?

When the word free comes up, many people mistakenly think that free means limited software, methods, and tools that have many weaknesses compared to non-free and paid versions, and that’s why they became free. The idea that “if it was good, it wouldn’t be free” is wrong and not compatible with the rules of the business world and customer attraction in the current world.

Many free SEO and site optimization tools not only have limited access but also offer their users all the features of a paid and non-free SEO service. Although non-free software also has its advantages, many of these advantages cannot be found in similar free SEO and site optimization tools.

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How use free SEO software tools and site optimization tools ?

What free SEO software tools are supposed to do is compare your content to current search engine standards.

In this way, the closer your content and the characteristics of your article and web page are to the pages that are displayed in the first searches, the more points will be assigned to your article and the more chances that similar articles will have a chance to be optimized for search engines. to be

For this purpose, a large amount of information is needed to be able to make an accurate comparison and ranking.

Almost all free SEO software tools, like other non-free tools, get the information and data they need from one place. The information and input of these services are called Google Keyword Planner.

free seo software tools
free seo software tools

This service provides information about what word or words can answer the searched questions. For example, all the questions about a certain type of diet will eventually lead to the keyword diet. As a result, if your content is rich in these keywords, it will have a high chance of being on the first pages and top search rankings.

It may not be easy to imagine such a phenomenon. But millions of seemingly very different questions can be answered with just one word.

  • What foods are in the ketogenic diet?
  • What is the ketogenic diet?
  • Who is on a ketogenic diet?
  • Why the ketogenic diet?

All these questions eventually lead to the keyword ketogenic. Therefore, by carefully choosing keywords, you can improve significantly in SEO.

Most of the free SEO software tools work strictly based on this principle and try to offer you the best keywords at the moment.

The primary difference between free SEO software tools and enterprise SEO software tools are algorithms and how to analyze and understand these keywords.

Each  Free SEO software tools deals with a keyword with a specific strategy and assigns particular importance to that word or a group of keywords.

Also, some  free SEO software tools offer limited vocabulary and search depth.

If you want access to the maximum search power and efficiency of free SEO software services and tools, you can purchase and use the full and generally non-free version of that tool.

We will introduce the best free SEO software tools in the following.

The betterness of these tools is determined solely based on the opinions of users and experts in the field of SEO. There may be better options, or the order of the goodness of these tools, software, services, and SEO plugins needs to be determined correctly.

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1.Answer the Public 

Answer the Public tool is one of the best free SEO and site optimization tools. The basis of this tool is to search for keywords. The infinite variety of questions asked to search engines like Google every day can generally be classified based on the keywords that lead the results to these pages.

The Answer the Public tool provides you with the best choice of keywords according to users’ searches and questions. Choosing correct, fundamental and important keywords has a significant impact on the growth of your site.

free seo software tools
free seo software tools


2.Woorank (Best SEO software Tools )

Woorank tool is another free SEO software tool and site optimization tool. This tool is designed as an extension for the Chrome browser and other browsers developed on the Google Chrome platform.

This plugin will give you detailed information about the SEO status of your desired website and show you exactly what to do to improve the SEO status and optimize your pages.

free seo software tools
free seo software tools

The freest  SEO software tools only show you the problems and do not give you more information about the solutions and methods to solve these problems.

But the Woorank plugin, with an amazing and attractive feature called Marketing Checklist, considers goals for each content and web page so that you can get closer to SEO standards and an optimal site.

free seo software tools
free seo software tools


3.Animalz Revive

After implementing mechanisms such as Google’s Freshness algorithm and increased content and information produced in the Internet space, other old and outdated contents have lost value.

If you also want your website to be seen, you must be updated and provide new content to users. One of the best ways to do this and update your old website content is to use the free Animalz Revive tools.

This tool shows you the content, posts and writings that need attention. In this way, you no longer have to do a tedious search on multiple pages of Google Analytics to find your pages.

Animalz Revive shows you which content updates are necessary and should be done to have fresh and new content.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

One exciting and fully functional feature that Animalz Review provides is the ability to view lost traffic.

All content and web pages are hot for some time after publication and attract a lot of traffic during their peak period. But gradually, after that period, the traffic will be stopped. Animalz Revive shows you the lost traffic since the peak of each post, which is a unique feature to find posts that need to be rewritten, updated and republished.




Can I be ranked too? The CanIRank tool now answers the question that any site’s admin, author and manager asks. Site optimization and SEO of a website require decision-making and management.

A good SEO should know what keywords to compete in that have a better chance of ranking.

For example, a website may rank much higher for the keyword ketogenic diet than for the keyword ketogenic. Identifying the right keywords often requires experience, research, and precision. Free SEO and site optimization tools such as CanIRank will help you find and select these optimal keywords for your content.

One of the attractive features of the CanIRank tool is that it shows you which keywords you can reach the desired rank and the first search pages faster. It also shows you how you can change your current keywords to have a better keyword and thus reach the first search pages faster.

Free SEO software tools
Free SEO software tools


5.Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

With the rapid growth of mobile phones and smartphones, optimizing your site for mobile devices has become more critical than ever. Being compatible with mobile phones or so-called Mobile-Friendly is one of the important SEO issues that even some of the best free SEO and site optimization tools need to pay attention to.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

Google algorithms and search engines also attach great importance to the compatibility of content and websites with mobile phones. Keep in mind that if your website and content are not mobile-friendly, your website has lost the SEO competition.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool easily shows whether your website is compatible with mobile phones and smartphones. It also measures your site’s proximity to the criteria and standards of the Google Mobile-Friendly algorithm and offers suggestions to improve your site’s Mobile-Friendly standards.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

6.Seed Keywords

The world of keywords is limitless, just like the vast night sky. 

All points in this space do not have the same weight, and some keywords, which are referred to as main or core keywords, show much more weight and importance to both search engines and users. These words are like stars with a lot of light, and the rest are formed around them.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

Choosing the main keyword as the main feature of your article is very important in how your web page is found in the first Google searches. The Seed Keywords tool is one of the best free SEO and site optimization tools that, in addition to choosing and suggesting optimal keywords, has other valuable services.

One of the features of this tool is to create a query. In this way, you can categorize your keywords and main keywords in different groups so that it is easy to manage them, and you can choose the related keyword according to the type of writing and the topic of your content.


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7.Ahrefs Free SEO Software Tools

This  ahrefs selection of free SEO tools will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and more. We’ve included our own free SEO tools, as well as a few third-party tools that we trust.

free SEO software tools
free SEO software tools

This website is very strong in terms of keyword analysis and checking internal and external links
And you can take many things forward with the free version of this program



Introducing the best free SEO software tools and site optimization is a way to go through it without paying anything and reach the top Google searches. Being visible on Google and the Internet has a unique impact on your business growth, and if you want to win the SEO competition and be among the first 20 searches like millions of other web pages, you just need to follow some rules.


 These best free SEO software tools  in simple language and in a user-friendly way and also completely free will help you know these rules and get closer to SEO standards.



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