How to use Pinterest for business and Giving You Bird’s-eye view

How to use Pinterest for Marketing , How to use Pinterest for instagram, How to use Pinterest on 2023,Today we want to tell you about the uses we can make of this program.
When it comes to social networks based on images, everyone immediately mentions Instagram. Although this social network has limitations, it still cannot reduce anything from its popularity. But Pinterest is also the name of another image-oriented social network. This article will examine how to use Pinterest for marketing and introduce its capabilities.

How to use Pinterest
How to use Pinterest for marketing

What is Pinterest and how to use Pinterest for Marketing?

Pinterest is the name of one of the social networks for sharing images, although Pinterest has many features.
Pinterest is a place to pin favorite images or share them with friends. But it is not like Instagram in any way. You can pin any image on Pinterest, create unique boards, and put related images on one board.

This web-based tool fully interacts with other websites and social networks, and you can add images to your favorites list anywhere on the web.
If you are looking for quality wallpapers for your mobile or laptop, Pinterest can help you achieve this goal. If you are looking for a recipe for a special dish or decorating your home in a new style, you can get help from Pinterest.
On Pinterest, you can have unlimited photo albums and add images of any size.

Without reducing the quality of the images. This social network has given businesses unique opportunities to showcase their brand and work.
On Pinterest, you can find tons of ideas about anything you want.

Just search a keyword to get a world of related images. If you click on any image, you will be directed to a new page where similar images will be displayed. It can be said that Pinterest is a powerful search engine that provides results based on images.
Do you want to decorate your office or design your birthday cake creatively? Pinterest has ideas for you. Just enter this sea of ​​images. No matter how picky you are, you can find several designs that will catch your eye.

How to use Pinterest for business?

You can access the free features of Pinterest through the official website or mobile application. Pinterest application has been developed for Android and IOS phones, and their features are added daily.
After you enter the Pinterest site, you must create an account for yourself.

For this, you need a valid email and a password. Of course, if you feel like you need to create an account, you can enter Pinterest through your Google or Facebook account and use its services.
Note that Pinterest is also a tool for introducing businesses. Therefore, you can have a Business account for your business. For this, at the same time as registration, you can click Create a Business Account and create your business account.

Of course, you can also upgrade your account to commercial after logging in.

After changing the normal account to a business account, you can use more tools to introduce your business. For example, we can refer to Rich Pins and Pinterest Analytics.
After entering the program, you must specify your age, gender, and interests, so that exactly what you want will be shown to you. The more you work with Pinterest, the more the artificial intelligence will know your taste and make more personalization based on your behavior.
There are several options in the profile settings section that you can adjust to introduce yourself better.

What is the use of each of the menu options?

Home: Like any other app, this option takes you to the home page, where you can see all the new pins based on your interest or the ones you’re following. You can directly pin any of these images you like or click on them to access the download and sharing options.

Many images have been shared from other sites, the link of which is shown below the image, and by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the main site. This is a place to link different sites together.
Following: Like Instagram, you can follow other users on Pinterest. In the following section, you will have access to the images your followers have pinned, and if you like them, you can pin them. You can also follow other people. In this section, many categories will help you find the desired image.
Search: In addition to various categories, Pinterest has a built-in browser to search for your favorite topics. Although you enter text, this browser displays related images. By entering any topic, you will also be presented with related suggestions that you can use. It doesn’t matter if you search in Farsi or English; you will reach your goal eventually.
Profile: If you still need to choose a photo or a name for your profile, you can do so from the menu on the right, which is in the form of three dots.

Click on the edit setting option, and finally, edit your information. Your hand is open for personalization in the profile section, and you can introduce yourself.
Messages: This program also has a section for chatting with other users. Designed as a chat icon, Messages allows you to chat with the people you follow and share your ideas. In this section, you can exchange your pins and messages with your followers. You can also chat with other users who don’t follow you, know their email or ID and simply exchange ideas with them.
Notifications: All alerts, news and updates are notified in this section, designed as a bell. Every time a new image is pinned, it will be notified here.
Setting: In the settings section, there are many management options. If you want to do more personalization, be sure to check the options available.
You will be redirected to a new page by clicking on your profile icon, where you will see four different tabs. We will briefly explain each one below.
Boards: In this tab, you will see all the pinboards or albums you have created.

There are also options to edit and manage them.
Pins: In the Pins section, you will see everything you have pinned. You can also access management options from this section. Clicking on any pin will reveal hundreds of similar pins. This process is endless; you can get hundreds of new ideas with each click. From the Pins section, you can organize or share or delete Pins.
Tries: You can see the pins you’ve opened or commented on here. You will see a history of your activity in this section.
Topics: In this tab, you can see a list of suggested images based on your interest. Here you can get a world of images you like without any trouble.
Tip: Generally, if you hover over any image, several icons will appear in the corners, each offering a shortcut for pinning, sharing, saving, and opening links. The developers have tried to provide maximum simplicity to work in this image-oriented social network.
Now that you are familiar with the different sections of Pinterest, it is better to familiarize yourself with what you can do on this social network.

How to create boards and pin images?

After entering the Home page, you will see a + icon on the right. The first time you click on this icon, it will take you to the add-ons section of your browser so that you can pin images and links after activating it anywhere on the web.

After installing the Pinterest browser button, you can pin them directly by double-clicking on the images on the web.
Next time you click on the same + icon, you will see the Create Pin option; by clicking on it, you can create a new pin.

Of course, you can also do this by clicking on the profile and clicking on the PIN tab.
This was in case you want to upload and pin an image directly from your computer or phone. But if you want to pin one of the images suggested by the app or shared by other users, it’s easier. Just press the save option on the image to pin the image.

After you’ve pinned an image, you’ll be prompted to select a board to save it to; if you don’t have one, you can create one at this point and save the image there.
In the Create Pin section, you can add images available on the web to your boards and pin them.

Just copy the URL of the image and paste it into the relevant field so that the image will be pinned directly for you, and you can see it without any trouble in the future.
Although the explanations presented in this article are related to the web version of Pinterest, the exact terms and icons of phone applications also have similar uses.

With the difference that their location on the page may have changed a little.

How to follow people and businesses?

This is easy to do, and go to the Following tab and look for your interests in the different categories available on the open page. After you like the images pinned by a user, you can follow that user by clicking the Follow option below each image. From then on, you will be notified of every image the following user shares, and you can see the latest ones on the Home page.

You can access hundreds of categories and millions of high-quality images in the following section. By following different people, you can get many ideas daily. Under each pin, you can see which user shared it, and by clicking on the pin and entering a new page, you can get more information.

How to interact with other users?

Social networks aim to create communication between users, and Pinterest has considered this issue. You can connect in three ways here; first, pin the images that others have pinned for yourself by pressing the Save option.

Second, use the Send option and send it to other users or social networks and create interaction.

If the social network you want is not on the list that appears, you can share it directly by copying the image link.
In the third mode, you can leave a comment for each pin and give your opinion. Commenting is one of the things that users like to do about their pins. Everyone likes to know what others think about their pinned images.

How does it work with the Pinterest application?

To download Pinterest, you can download and install this program on your mobile from reliable app stores. After logging into the app, you will be prompted to create an account or enter information if you already have a web version account.

You can also log in to the application through Google, and Facebook accounts without problems. Choose whichever is easier.
After completing the information and specifying your interests, you can use Pinterest’s features. The capabilities of both web and application versions are similar, and only the icons have changed.

You can pin, share, comment, and follow by tapping on images.
Pinterest is full of quality wallpapers for mobile and laptops that you can download and use as wallpaper.
At the beginning of working with the Pinterest application, everything seemed very simple and like a mobile gallery, but with a little browsing and using the options in the menu, you will see that it has no flaws and is exactly what you would expect from a social network. The axis is expected.

What is the difference between Pinterest and Instagram?

Since Instagram is one of the most popular image-based social networks, we compare Pinterest with it.
– Pinterest does not restrict images so that you can pin images of any size and quality. The images don’t need to be perfect squares or rectangles. This is a place to pin large images or long infographics.
– You can send the desired content from your device and pin it directly from the Internet; there is no limit to this.
– Any pin can be pinned to any website or blog; this can be interesting for those looking for free backlinks.
You can use Pinterest for advertising and introducing any product or service to users. Here you can advertise anything you want without paying.
– There is no limit to sharing content on Pinterest; it interacts with almost every social network, and those not on the interaction list can be shared through a link.

final word

Pinterest is full of new features and ideas. If you have not used this social network before, you can get many ideas by joining it daily. No matter what industry you are in, there are many people who will follow you or your business. Pinterest is the place to be seen.


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