Instagram algorithms +14 steps to reach explore (Incredible 2023 Update)

Getting to know Instagram algorithms and reaching Explore is one of the most critical factors for success in this social network. Instagram is a viral social network with more than 800 million users. This issue has made many people choose this network for marketing and earning money. 

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Why Instagram algorithms ?

As mentioned above, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks expanding and developing among people and users at a much faster rate than its competitors. According to research, Instagram currently has more than 800 million users, 60% active users.

Every day more than 70 million contents are shared on different pages of this social network. Many people have chosen this social network to market, sell, introduce themselves and their services and earn money in different ways. You can get a good position in this social network with different methods and familiarity with Instagram algorithms. In that case, you can earn more than 10 to 100 million tomans per month like many famous people!


Instagram Algorithms
Instagram Algorithms

Instagram algorithms on 2023

More than 13 years have passed since Instagram’s activity in the virtual world, and we have seen that every year the number of users of this social network has jumped compared to previous years or even months. Following this increase in users, Instagram is also looking to improve its capabilities and capabilities so that users can easily find their favorite pages and see the content they want.

Instagram algorithms based on artificial intelligence have made many changes to quickly get you to what you want.

Based on these new Instagram algorithms , Instagram will try to show you posts you are interested in.

but how?

Instagram Algorithms
Instagram Algorithms

Instagram can guess your interest based on 6 factors:


  • Posts you’ve liked
  • Posts you’ve saved
  • Posts you share
  • Similar posts you’ve interacted with, such as a post you’re commenting on
  • Videos that you watch until the end
  • People you follow.

Based on these things, Instagram learns what topics you are interested in.

It might be interesting for you to know that according to its new algorithms, Instagram will find out which of your followers you like the most.

It will recognize the people you send romantic and affectionate stickers to, mention them, or send them funny or romantic content.

instagram algorithms
instagram algorithms

Instagram algorithms for posts

One of Instagram algorithms is how to display your followers’ posts. If you have many followers, you must constantly check the Instagram page to see all your followers’ posts.

Until a long time ago, the display of posts on Instagram was based on time.

If you were online at 10 o’clock, you would see posts shared by your followers at 10 o’clock or a quarter before that. You might not have seen the post your follower shared two hours ago because it was at the bottom of the page.

Instagram algorithm has changed this way of viewing posts in general.

This Instagram algorithm first determines whether you are interested in the post’s content according to your interests and shows it to you.

Second, it will first show the published post to 10% of your followers if this post was able to get the satisfaction of your friends. It means that if your followers like it, save it, or leave a comment on it, the post will also be displayed for you.

Instagram algorithms
Instagram algorithms

Instagram algorithms for displaying stories

Instagram algorithms for displaying stories is similar to displaying posts. That is, if you have many followers, stories will be shown to you according to the priority with which you have interacted more. View them more, retweet them, participate in their polls, etc.

Explore page and Instagram algorithms to display it to users

Another Instagram algorithms to display content to users is related to page explore. So far, everything we’ve talked about has been about your followers and the posts they share. But the Explore page is a little different.

Your home page or feed is where your followers’ posts are displayed to you. The explore page is the same search page where you can see the posts of people you have not followed.

Instagram algorithms also affected the Explore page. It is interesting to know that your explore page and each of your followers are different. The posts shown to you on this page are based on your interests. For example, if you see more posts about makeup than any other post, your explore page will show you more posts about makeup than any other topic.


Page Explore, free but very profitable marketing

If you have a business and you intend to make money from it, the best and most important thing to do is to be on the user explore pages. If your posts are placed on the user’s explore page, the chances of people seeing it, interacting with it, saving it, tagging it, etc., are much higher. Because as mentioned above, each user’s favorite pages are displayed to him, so the probability of viewing and interacting with them is high.

Landing on page explore is better than any marketing you have to pay a lot of money to do. The following tricks will help you a lot to get your page to explore.


Tricks to get to the Explore page

After you are familiar with the Instagram algorithms of Instagram and the Explore page, it is better to know what tricks we can use to get our page to Explore. The best and most valuable of these tricks include the following:


1.Publish posts and content that suit your users’ interests

As the admin of an Instagram page, you should be able to recognize the level of interest of users in your posts and publish your next posts accordingly.

For example, suppose you have a page related to natural skin and hair care.

In that case, you will notice that the posts related to homemade skin and hair masks have received more likes and comments than your other posts, and for example, the introduction of skin cleansing devices has yet to be met with much interaction. In order to get to the Explore page, you need to publish posts related to the latest homemade masks according to the interest of your users.


2.Increase users’ interaction with you

The meaning of user interaction with you is the number of likes, comments, and sharing of your users.

The higher the number of these interactions, the more likely you will enter the Explore page. Admins of popular pages use different strategies to increase this interaction. For example, they consider prizes and lotteries for their users and make the condition of participation in these lotteries more likes and comments.

3.Your interaction with the user

Interaction on the Instagram page is not limited to users’ interaction with you. But you should also be able to communicate with your users functionally and constructively. For this, you can reply to their comments, mention your active followers, reply to their replies and try to interact with users in two ways.



4.Don’t delay publishing new posts.

Indeed, time plays a minor role in the new algorithms of Instagram, but naturally, the post you published a week ago will be ranked lower than the post of people who share new content and posts every day. Therefore, put a sufficient number of suitable and attractive posts on your page every day so that you don’t miss the chance to be on the Explore page.

5.Please do not edit the post for an hour after it is published.

After you publish a post on your page, Instagram will review it for the first hour or so. If you immediately delete or edit a post after publishing it, the chances of checking it on Instagram and giving it a high rating will be significantly reduced. Therefore, before publishing each post, check everything, so there is no need to edit or delete it later.



6.Use hashtags

Hashtags are factors used on Instagram to find and display related posts. For example, if a user does not know a specific page that has cooking instructions and is looking for how to make a walnut cake, he can search for the term #walnut cake in the search section of Instagram to show him the pages where there are posts with this hashtag. To be given.

Therefore, if you use the hashtag in a principled and appropriate way, you can increase the number of visitors to your page and be on the explore page of people interested in this topic.

The important thing is to use hashtags properly. You can put up to 30 hashtags for each post, but the acceptable number for each post is 8 to 10. Excessive use of hashtags for Instagram is considered a black SEO and has no positive effect.

The second point is that your hashtag must match the topic of the post you are sharing so that it can make a sufficient impact on Instagram searches and find by users.


7.Choose content that your audience will spend more time on

Similar to Google page SEO, when users stay on your page is also considered an effective factor for Instagram ranking. If users immediately leave your page after viewing your post, Instagram assumes that the post was not interesting or valuable for the user. Try to have engaging content so that users spend more time on it. Using video instead of photos is a straightforward and practical solution that can significantly increase the time the user stays on your page.



8.Activate the location of your post

Another trick that can get you into the users’ explore page is using location. Instagram is location sensitive and tries to show users posts that are in the exact geographic location or close to it. For example, if you choose the geographical location of your post as Milad Tower or Isfahan Flower Garden, the probability that this post will be displayed to users in this geographical area increases.

The important thing is that Instagram will completely notice fake locations. That is, if you are not in the location you clicked on, Instagram will recognize it and give your page a negative score as a black SEO.

9.Use live

Another trick that increases users’ interaction with your site and can be your gateway to the user’s explore page is holding a live event. Suppose you have a sufficient number of Lives every week and a significant number of users on your page. In that case, Instagram will recognize your page as a valuable and attractive page for users, and by taking it to the Explore page, it will ask other people to use the content. use it

10.Ask your users to activate the notification of your posts.

If your posts are interesting and useful enough for users, users will wait to see them immediately after publishing them. For this, users activate the notification of your posts so that they will know immediately after uploading it. For this, you can use serial posts so that users can wait for the next posts and the work results.

If a significant number of your followers do this, Instagram recognizes that your content is useful to users and therefore gives it a high rating. The higher your rank and position in terms of Instagram, the higher your chances of entering the Explore page.


11.Publish your posts at the right time

For business success on Instagram, there are many analysis tools that you can use to check the behavior of your users and take action accordingly. One of the essential factors in these analysis tools is checking the time period when users enter Instagram. If you publish the time of your posts at times when more users are online, you will significantly increase the efficiency of your posts, and you will enter the explore page faster.

12.Tag influencers and famous people in your field of activity

Another practical action that can greatly impact your entry to the Instagram Explore page is tagging famous people and influencers in your field of work. You can follow their pages and tag them in your posts. This will make your post visible to more people.

13.Use a CTA or take action.

Action is a useful trick in internet pages and search engines to direct users to exactly what you want to do. This trick on Instagram can also lead to your success to a great extent and increase the chances of entering the explore page. Do not compliment your users on doing this trick! Try to tell them directly what you are looking for and what you want from them.


14.Reuse viral content

A viral content post is a post that has received a lot of attention and views compared to your other posts. One of the simple and easy tricks to increase the probability of entering the explore page is to republish the viral post after a few weeks to a few months. You can also make some changes to the post and republish it.



Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, which many people use to earn money. In 2023, Instagram introduced new algorithms for optimal use and entry to the Explore page, which rely more than anything else on artificial intelligence on and identifying users’ interests. By knowing these algorithms and using tricks, you can bring your page to Instagram Explore and earn millions.


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