Top 17 linear programming solver websites ( Quick and Easy Mood )

 Here are 17 linear programming solver websites  to solve any programming problems. One of the best ways to improve your programming skills is to solve programming problems regularly. Especially if you have learned a new programming language, you can master that language faster by solving common and challenging problems. 

In this article, we share  17 linear programming solver websites that provide lots of puzzles and problems, and you can improve your skills by solving these problems in any language you know.

Note that not all features on these linear programming solver websites are free; some of these linear programming solver websites regularly organize competitions, and if you have good skills, you can even win cash prizes. stay with KitDone 

 1.Programming Praxis (linear programming solver websites)

Programming Praxis is a blog containing several interesting issues and problems along with their solutions. You can first solve the problems related to these different areas with your method and then take help from the solutions provided in it and check the result of your work. The issues of this site are usually posted in different languages.


(linear programming solver websites)

This blog, written by Dave Thomas (author of the book Pragmatic Programmer ), covers many issues directly related to real-world programming. This website is an excellent opportunity to improve your coding skills.


(linear programming solver websites)

TopCoder is one of the leading competitive programming platforms. This site provides a list of algorithmic challenges (from past to present) that you can directly code online using the editor and get going. Topcoder is an active community of programmers who like to solve different problems. There are many new and active challenges to think about, and some of them have cash prizes.

Top Coder users are very competitive programmers and regularly participate in programming competitions. Also, one of the top users who is always at the top of the rankings (currently first) is called Petr Mitrichev. This user has a personal blog called Algorithms Weekly, where he writes about coding competitions, algorithms, math and other related topics every week.


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Coderbyte is also a coding problem-solving site. This website offers a large number of coding challenges that you can do directly with one of 12 programming languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, C++, etc. solve it. These challenges are ordered from easy (such as finding the largest word in a string) to hard (printing the maximum logical relationship in a graph). The website also provides a collection of tutorials, introductory videos, preparation courses and interviews. Unlike HackerRank and similar websites, you can check Java programming sample solved questions, Python and other languages ​​sample solved problems, and see solutions that other users have written for each challenge, as well as official solutions posted by Coderbyte.

5.Project Euler

(linear programming solver websites)

This website offers a great collection of challenges in computer science and mathematics. These challenges usually involve solving programming problems and writing a small program to convert the solution into a clever mathematical formula or equation, such as finding the sum of the digits of the numbers before a number in a sequence. In Project Euler , problems are placed from simple to very difficult.

However, it should be noted that you cannot directly write the code in the online editor of this website, so you must write and run the solution on your computer and then upload it to the website.


(linear programming solver websites)

HackerRank is one of the most popular websites that provide multiple challenges for several areas, such as algorithms, mathematics, SQL, functional programming, AI, and more. You can solve all the challenges directly and online by registering in it. The website provides a discussion and leaderboard for each challenge. Most challenges are accompanied by an article title that explains more about the challenge and how to deal with it with a solution. But you should know that except for the editorial, you cannot see the solutions of other users on the website. HackerRank also allows users to submit their apps, and each user can get a new job based on their score.


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CodinGame is one of the most interesting websites suggested in this article. It is different from other websites because they write the code for online games instead of having the user solve coding challenges in an editor. To participate in game code, first, a problem (such as binary search) is described, followed by test examples and an editor where you can write your code in one of the suggested programming languages. The result is displayed in the form of a game.

Although this website is different from the usual competitive programming websites and not like the ones mentioned above, it is still popular among programmers who enjoy solving challenges and participating in competitions.


(linear programming solver websites)

CodeChef is a competitive programming website in India that provides hundreds of challenges, and you can write code in the website’s online editor. The set of challenges is divided into different categories depending on your skill level. There is also a large community of coders on the website who help people through forums, write tutorials, and participate in CodeChef coding competitions.


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Exercism is a programming challenge website offering over 3100 challenges across 52 languages. After choosing the language you want to become a professional, you will face coding challenges. However, this website is slightly different from competing websites because you work with a coach after completing each challenge. The instructor will check your answers online and help you. Once your answers are submitted and verified, the website will unlock more challenges.


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Codewars offers a large selection of coding challenges by its community of developers. You can solve these challenges directly and online with one of the programming languages ​​in the editor of this website. There is also the possibility of discussing each challenge and viewing the solutions of different users, such as examples of solved Python problems.


(linear programming solver websites)

LeetCode is a popular online website that offers a list of 190 challenges that can help you prepare for technical and job interviews. You can solve these challenges directly with one of the 9 programming languages ​​in your website editor. Of course, it should be noted that you cannot see the solutions of other users, but facilities have been considered to compare the speed of execution of your solutions with the code of other users.

The website also has a mock interview section specifically for job interview preparation. Holding coding contests and the educational articles section will help you understand the errors and problems related to this field and better understand the solutions.


(linear programming solver websites)

It is another competitive website in this field that offers more than 20 coding challenges. You can submit your code under the website’s online editor. In addition, SPOJ has a dedicated section for users to discuss coding challenges, although they currently do not offer any official solution to questions, unlike other competing websites.

13.Python Challenge

(linear programming solver websites)

Python Challenge is a site for solving Python programming exercises, which is very suitable for learning and practicing Python programming. You will be asked to solve Python programming exercises or specific programming problems. These problems are categorized from simple to hard, and you can improve your skill by using them. This website is useful for those looking for Python practice and sample Python questions with answers.

14.Al Zimmermann’s

(linear programming solver websites)

Al Zimmermann’s is a site that runs a contest every 6 months between programmers, where you can participate, get prizes, and test your problem-solving skills.

15.Ruby Quiz

(linear programming solver websites)

Ruby Quiz is a collection of several problems or competitions related to the Ruby language, and you can solve them. Although these are for Ruby, solving and testing problems for other languages ​​is possible.

16.C Puzzles

(linear programming solver websites)

On the C Puzzles site, several puzzles or problems are related to the C programming language, and you can solve them. For each problem, a guide or Hint is also placed, which is used to get help from them.

17.Prolog Problems

(linear programming solver websites)

On the Prolog Problems site, problems related to the Prolog language are posted, but solutions in other languages ​​, such as Python, Ruby, Haskell, Scala, etc., are also acceptable. By working with these items, you can learn a new language easily.

If you are interested in programming and you need help figuring out where to start, our best suggestion for learning programming is Son Learn’s programming alphabet course. Be sure to visit the course page.

Conclusion of 17 linear programming solver websites

The ability to solve problems is one of the most fundamental things to start programming and master it. Therefore, in this article, we have introduced websites to help you test and improve solving programming problems and improve your thinking and problem-solving power. Do you know of another similar site where programming problems and puzzles are posted? We will happily introduce it in the comments section and share it with other users and us.


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