Top 11 link shortener services? amazing update in 2023

In this article we show you top 11 link shortener services And you have a better understanding of using link shortener services.

The link or URL is the internet address of the sites, which can have different lengths. Using links for each site requires following specific rules; for example, the link length and its characters should not be less or more than a specified value. ,Long site links can have a negative impact on SEO.

Link shortener is a service that allows you to shorten the length of your link in some instances and redirect users to your site by clicking on a shorter link. stay with KitDone and Read this 12 minutes Article

Why is it essential to use a link shortener?

If you use the adage, the more, the merrier about your site’s link, you will not only not help your site and its SEO, but you will also be harmful to it! In terms of SEO, the shorter the length of the link and URL of the site, the better. This issue has several reasons. Short links are much easier to share than long links. If you plan to advertise your site and want to share its URL on other pages, the shorter the length, the better for you.

link shortener services
link shortener services
  • The digital world is the world of speed, and the competition is not about hours but minutes and seconds. The shorter your link is, and you use one of the link-shortening services, you and the users will need less time and energy to write its address or send it in SMS or email. Be sure that this not-so-important issue can significantly impact the SEO of your site and the number of visits.
  • Many sites have a limit on the number of characters, and for example, if you don’t want to miss the publication of content on Twitter along with the link, you should limit the length of the links and the number of characters or use a link shortener. Of course, some of these services have link shorteners, and they shorten your link, but the advantage of using link shorteners is that you can also get the statistics of the number of clicks on the links.
  • The critical and noteworthy point is that using link-shortening services is free. You can shorten and optimize your site’s URL and share it on other sites without extra cost.
  • Not showing the long and real link to users is one of the other advantages and reasons for the importance of using an internet address shortener. Just imagine for a few moments that there is a long address with many characters at the top of your browser. Compare this with a short URL. Your reaction and feeling will undoubtedly be better than more straightforward and shorter links.

Advantages of using link shortener services

In the above section, you learned the reasons for the importance of using URL shortening services, but in addition to these, what other benefits will using a short link bring to you? If effective advertising and improving your site’s SEO are essential to you, using shorter links can help you significantly. Some of the benefits of using short links include the following.

Easier to use on social pages

Many sites do not limit their activities to Google and search engines and have pages in other virtual software such as YouTube or Instagram. To improve SEO and increase traffic, you can put the link of each of your pages in them. For example, you can put the address or URL of your site in the bio section of your Instagram page so that your users can enter your page on Google with just one click on the link.

If the address and link of your site are long, placing a lengthy address in the bio will take up a lot of space and negatively affect the beauty of your page. You can use a link shortening service to shorten your website address and place the shortened address on your virtual pages.

link shortener services

Using custom shortened links according to your taste

Another advantage of using link shortening services is that you can choose the shortened address and URL according to your taste. This address can be different from the actual address of your site. You can use a beautiful address suitable for your web page; of course, like the link of any site, the shortened address must be unique and non-repeating.


Easier use of short links in email marketing and promotional SMS

Email marketing and sending promotional SMS is one of the best and latest marketing methods that can multiply your audience. Various services will email or send your ads to your target groups for a reasonable fee, so many will see your ads.

The use of this advertising method, like any other marketing method, has principles and rules that not paying attention to them will reduce efficiency. One of these important principles is the use of short links. If your site’s URL is long, optimize it using link shortening services before email marketing or SMS advertising.

As you know, you can put a maximum of 70 Farsi characters or 160 English characters in each SMS. Inserting more characters, on the one hand, increases your costs and, on the other hand, increases the possibility of losing some information.

More impact on offline marketing

One of the crucial principles for choosing the name of any brand is to be short and straightforward so that people can easily remember it. The same issue can be used about URL and link sites. The shorter your website address is, the easier it will be to remember, and the faster and better its offline marketing will be.

Constant use of services

Usually, to use any service, both in the virtual world and in the real world, you need to charge your service after each period of time. Doing this charging will usually be accompanied by a fee. As mentioned above, using link shortening services is free and accessible. Another positive point is that the use of these services is permanent, and you do not need to renew or recharge it.

Earning a separate income

It is interesting to know that using link shortening services is free and will create conditions for you to make money through them. To do this, after entering the URL shortening site and joining them, you place the shortened link of your site on social networks and other sites. An amount will be deposited to your user panel for each click on the shortened address. After some time, when this amount reaches a certain amount, you can withdraw it from your account.

What information will URL shortening services provide you?

Using site address shortening services can provide you with fascinating and essential information that you can use to improve your site’s SEO. These services will show you information such as the number of people who have entered your site, the type of operating system and their browser, geographical area, and the number of clicks in a certain period of time.

Finally, these services will show you how many users each ad file has directed to your site so that you can check your weakest and best ads.

Examining these factors and information allows you to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your site and take the necessary measures to improve the site’s SEO.


What are the best link shortener services?

11 Top link shortener services

After you are familiar with the reasons for the importance and benefits of using link shortening services, we will introduce you to the best services and their features in this section.

Bitly service

One of the best link shortening services that provide you with special facilities is Bitly service. You can customize the shortened links and use the detailed information provided by the service.

The premium version of this service has more comprehensive features for which you have to pay an annual membership fee of $29. Using this service, you can create 10,000 unbranded shortened links and 500 branded shortened links. In the premium version, you can use other features such as a custom SSL certificate, redirect branded routes, enter keywords at the end of the link, etc.

link shortener services
link shortener services

Tinyurl service

Another popular link shortening service is the Tinyurl service, in which you can shorten or customize links for free without registration. Links shortened by this service have no expiration date and are permanent. Of course, one of the disadvantages of this service is the impossibility of viewing click statistics.

link shortener services
link shortener services service

Another popular link shortener service is service, which, in addition to the features of other shorteners, will also provide you with the possibility of generating significant income. Earning money in this way is that when clicking on the shortened links, a short advertising video is displayed to the users. An amount will be credited to your account for each click and each video view. service

One of the oldest and, of course, the most popular link shortening services is the service, which has significant advantages and features such as detailed analysis of shortened links on virtual and social pages. This service was merged with the big Hootsuite site a few years after its design. This collaboration added more features to this service. For example, you can directly check and analyze your posts on other social and virtual networks using this service.

This service also has a premium version, and you can use more features and all Hootsuite site features by paying an annual membership fee of $29. service

Twitter has a built-in automatic link shortener called that will shorten all links to 23 characters. That is, whether the number of characters in your link is less or more than 23, this link will make it exactly 23 characters. The most important advantage of using this service is that Twitter will provide the security of your account. Still, you cannot analyze your site and its information using it.


Another powerful and popular link shortening service is , the majority of whose users are Chinese. One of the most popular features of this service is providing a QR Code, which makes the shortened link display well on smartphones. Other advantages of this service include the analysis of clicks and the possibility of customization.

Bl.Ink service

Bl.Ink service can be mentioned among other link shortening services. This service provides you with very important and vital information, such as the click rate and the number of times the site is visited. This service has a premium version with an annual membership fee of $12. service

In the list of the best link shortening services, we come to the service, which provides customization and detailed analysis of shortened links. To use the features of this service, you must be a member so that you can use the available features using your user panel. service

Another popular service that you can use to shorten your links is One of the features of this service is that you can shorten your links faster and easier by using an extension that can be used for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Among other features of this site, it is possible to check the visits of shortened links privately.

Sniply service

Another one of the best link shortening services is the Sinply service, which, in addition to shortening the site’s URL, will also increase its conversion rate. In addition to this advantage, you can analyze the information you want for free in your own dashboard. This service also has a premium version, and you must pay $29 per year to use it. This version also allows you to create two user accounts simultaneously. service

Another internet address shortening service is This service will also allow you to generate income in addition to using site link shortening facilities. The positive point of this service is to make money from it because its income is in dollars, and you can withdraw it after earning 5 dollars.

How to use URL shortening services

Using these services and sites is very simple. After entering them, you register if needed. This registration will include entering your personal information. It is enough to put the desired link in the box provided to shorten the link and select the shorten option.


Using short links will bring significant benefits to your site. This issue will be helpful for you both in terms of SEO, in terms of cost and terms of advertising. To do this, you should use link shortening services, which we have introduced to you in this article.



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