Adobe Stock is a popular platform where photographers, videographers, and artists can sell their content to customers around the world. If you are interested in making money on Adobe Stock, there are several things you need to know before getting started


Adobe Stock pays 33% commission for all kinds of images (vectors, photos, & illustrations) and 35% for videos. This equates to $0.33 to $26.40 per image downloading and $2.80 to $70.00 per video download.
The amount you can earn per download depends on the plan and license the customer uses to download your photo or video.

The minimum royalties for 350 and 750 monthly download subscriptions improve with the lifetime downloads of your photos.

  • 0-999 lifetime downloads: $0.33/Photo
  • 1,000-9,999 lifetime downloads: $0.36/photo
  • 10,000+ lifetime downloads: $0.38/photo
  • 150–4,999 downloads: You can choose a 1 year plan of either Creative Photography (20GB :awesome by the way), Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, or InDesign.
  • 5,000+ downloads: One-year access to Creative Cloud All Apps
Make money range

5,000 $ - 10,000 $

Earning Potential

The earning potential on Adobe Stock varies depending on the type of content you upload and the license under which it is sold. For photos, you can earn between 20% to 60% of the sale price, depending on your contributor level. As your sales increase, your contributor level will rise, which means you will earn a higher percentage of the sale price.

For videos and illustrations, the earning potential is similar to photos. You can earn between 20% to 60% of the sale price, depending on your contributor level. However, you should note that video sales are less frequent than photo sales on Adobe Stock, so it may take longer to start earning a significant income from this type of content.


Before you can start making money on Adobe Stock, there are a few prerequisites that you need to meet. First, you need to be 18 years of age or older. Second, you need to have the legal right to sell the content you upload to the platform. This means that you must own the rights to the images, videos, or artwork you upload or have obtained the necessary licenses to use and sell them.

In addition, you need to ensure that your content meets the quality standards set by Adobe Stock. Your photos, videos, and artwork must be clear, in focus, and properly exposed. They should also be well-composed, with no visible artifacts or distortions. To maximize your chances of being accepted as a contributor, take the time to learn about Adobe Stock’s content guidelines and upload requirements

What do you needing?

There is no cost to sign up and start selling your content on Adobe Stock. However, you will need to have the right equipment and software to produce high-quality content. For photography, a professional-grade camera and lens are essential, as well as photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. For videography, a high-quality video camera, tripod, and video editing software are necessary.

In addition, you may need to invest time and money into producing and editing your content before you can start selling it on Adobe Stock. You may need to travel to different locations, pay for models or props, or invest in studio equipment to produce the high-quality content that customers expect from Adobe Stock.

Cost to Start


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