Fotolia is a popular stock photography platform where creators can sell their images to individuals and businesses in need of visual content. This platform provides a great opportunity for photographers, graphic designers, and other artists to earn passive income through the sale of their images. stay with KitDone

  1. Sell Your Photos: As a photographer, you can sell your photos on Fotolia and earn a percentage of the sale. Fotolia accepts a wide range of photos including landscapes, portraits, and product images, among others.
  2. Graphic Design: You can also make money on Fotolia by selling your graphic designs. These can include logos, business cards, and website templates, among others.
  3. Vector Images: Fotolia also accepts vector images which are scalable without losing quality. These images are in high demand, and you can earn good money by creating and selling them.
  4. Illustrations: You can also sell illustrations on Fotolia. These can include cartoons, infographics, and other visual aids.
Make money range

100 $ - 500 $

Earning Potential

The earning potential on Fotolia varies depending on the number and quality of the images you upload. You can earn a commission of 20-46% on each sale of your images. The commission percentage increases as your sales volume increases. The more images you have on the platform, the higher your earning potential.


Photography Skills: To make money on Fotolia, you need to have a good eye for photography. You need to be able to take high-quality photos that will appeal to potential buyers.

Editing Skills: You also need to have basic editing skills to ensure that your images are of high quality and meet the standards set by Fotolia.

Creativity: You need to be creative and come up with unique images that will stand out in the crowded market of stock photography.

Legal Knowledge: It's essential to have knowledge of copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Fotolia has strict guidelines on what images can be uploaded, and you need to ensure that you don't infringe on any copyright laws.

What do you needing?

It's free to sign up on Fotolia, and there are no subscription fees or upload fees. However, Fotolia takes a commission on each sale of your images. The commission percentage is between 50-80%, depending on the type of license sold.

Fotolia is a great platform for creators to sell their images and earn passive income. By taking high-quality photos, having basic editing skills, being creative, and having knowledge of copyright laws, you can make good money on the platform. With a 20-46% commission on each sale, the earning potential on Fotolia is high, and there are no upfront costs to start making money on the platform.

Cost to Start


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