GrubHub is a food delivery platform that has made life more convenient for people who enjoy restaurant meals but prefer to enjoy them at home. The platform operates across many cities in the United States and has become a popular choice for those seeking a flexible way to make money in the gig economy. stay with KitDone

  1. Sign up to become a GrubHub driver

The most obvious way to make money on GrubHub is by signing up to become a driver. The process of becoming a GrubHub driver is straightforward, and the platform allows you to work on your own terms. You'll need a reliable vehicle, a driver's license, and insurance. Once you meet these prerequisites, you can start making deliveries at your convenience. GrubHub drivers earn money by delivering food orders to customers and receive payment for each delivery they complete.

2.Refer new drivers to GrubHub

GrubHub has a referral program that allows drivers to earn money by referring new drivers to the platform. For each driver that you refer to GrubHub, you can earn a referral bonus after they complete a certain number of deliveries. This is a great way to make extra money, especially if you have a large network of friends who are interested in working as GrubHub drivers.

3.Become a GrubHub partner

Another way to make money on GrubHub is by becoming a GrubHub partner. As a partner, you can refer local restaurants to the platform and earn money for every new restaurant that signs up. This is an excellent way to earn passive income, as you can continue to earn money from the partnership as long as the restaurants remain on the platform.

4.Work as a restaurant affiliate

If you own a restaurant, you can make money on GrubHub by becoming an affiliate. GrubHub offers a commission to restaurant affiliates for every order that is placed through their restaurant's menu on the platform. This is an excellent way to expand your restaurant's customer base and increase your revenue.

Make money range

5,000 $ - 10,000 $

Earning Potential

The earning potential on GrubHub varies depending on the number of deliveries you complete and the tips you receive. GrubHub pays drivers a base rate for each delivery, which can range from $3 to $7 per delivery.

Drivers can also earn additional money through tips from customers.

According to GrubHub, drivers can earn up to $25 per hour during peak delivery times.
However, the amount you can earn will depend on the number of deliveries you complete and the area you work in.

  • A reliable vehicle: To work as a GrubHub driver, you'll need a reliable vehicle to make deliveries.
  • A driver's license: You'll need a valid driver's license to work as a GrubHub driver.
  • Insurance: You'll need to have insurance coverage for your vehicle to work as a GrubHub driver.
  • A smartphone: You'll need a smartphone to receive delivery orders and communicate with customers.
What do you needing?

There is no cost to start making money on GrubHub.
However, as a driver, you'll need to have a reliable vehicle, a driver's license, insurance coverage, and a smartphone. These are expenses that you'll need to cover yourself.

GrubHub offers a flexible and convenient way to make money in the gig economy. Whether you choose to work as a driver

Cost to Start


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