Twitter marketing strategy for beginners (2023 Crazy Tricks )

Twitter marketing strategy needs plans without that you can’t make a profit from twitter , in this article I show you very practical methods and ways to grow your Twitter and 2023 will be your best Year for Twitter marketing strategy.

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I grow My Twitter accounts. Almost 15,000 followers in six months.

This is exactly how I did it, and how you can do it for Twitter marketing strategy on 2023

1. don’t be afraid to share.

It’s more important to post something instead of trying to be a perfectionist and just posting the perfect thing

2. reach out to people in similar circles to build credibility. takes and controversial opinions only

4. tweet about something you’re an expert in or you’re working towards sounds corny, but just simply only be yourself.

People like authenticity, so be yourself on the Internet, It’s really affect on your Twitter marketing strategy.

Don’t try to put on a persona and people will like it, and they’ll get invested in your story and what you’re trying to do.

twitter marketing strategy
twitter algorithm 2023


If you Want to get results like this on Twitter.

 Here’s how.

First, you’re going to make tweets that are on topics predetermined by Twitter

I find that psychology works well.

Then you’re going to make a short to the point tweet that is going to get people to engage.

Then you’re going to comment on like and retweet 15 different people in your niche every single day.

And it’s going to explode your Twitter in record time.

I asked a wise man on Twitter what are common mistakes people make on Twitter marketing strategy?

And he told me If you have lots of blue, which is the hashtag, and a lot of @ mention, people will just glaze over, right?

It looks like an ad or just doesn’t look appealing.

I keep it all text

I want to @ Mention to somebody, I put a photo and I tag them in the photo and that way you don’t clutter up the actual tweet itself.

Twitter is still massive with over 300 million active users all over the world.

Today we’ll look at how you can grow your Startup on Twitter in 2023.

How you can do Twitter marketing and win on Twitter, and I promise you there’s lots of growth potential on Twitter.

Twitter marketing strategy
twitter algorithm 2023

Let’s hear what success means on Twitter

I think a successful or viral tweet should go above like one million impressions or around 10,000 retweets or likes. in the Twitter algorithm. In the article, we will cover some very specific tactics and strategies to help you grow on Twitter and get your Startup out to the world.

With that, let’s get going.

1. don’t force it. Remember, Twitter is a social network.

It’s not like a QVC commercial where you can just sell stuff. You have to engage. You can’t just shout buy, buy, buy. You engage in the right way and they will buy, but you have to do it right.

Yes, I think it’s very important that you don’t force any social network.

Doesn’t work if you’re not gonna engage in the community.

I think brands fail when they only retweet like self-emotions or expect an audience to just find them.

It’s like the alien quote, in space, no one can hear you scream.

I think many startups have asked me to like boost their socials, but they don’t know why and they are not interested engaging in them themselves, so if you’re not gonna use Twitter on the bus, the toilet, in bed, it’s not gonna work.

So you have to have a reason to be on Twitter, so why should you be on Twitter?

It’s so easy to just tweet a couple of tweets per day and get an amazing amount of followers and impressions.

Twitter marketing strategy always pays off.

2. find your audience

That might sound a little basic, but we have some great tools for that. Finding your audience is a bit different on Twitter than just finding your audience on Google or Facebook or Instagram, it’s gonna be specific to Twitter.

You can find out what your audience is talking about, who they follow on Twitter, even what they listen to, what podcasts they listen to, what YouTube personas they follow. I really recommend that.

Pretty incredible tool and remember, no matter what you’re talking about on Twitter, there is an audience for that, you just have to find it.

You can find Your audience with alexa alternatives

3. analyze your competition

Twitter is open and an incredible source of information about your competition and about what your competition is talking about. On Twitter, most of what you do is totally open and that can be pretty valuable.

Yes, analyzing your competition is also very important.

Don’t forget to look at what they do and get inspired.

What they like, what they follow.

It’s easy to just go in at their account and see what they’ve done to gain followers and visibility.

twitter algorithm 2023

Basically, look at the competition, look at what they do and try and figure out what works for them.

twitter marketing tools can tell you exactly what the competition is doing on Twitter.

There are two tools that I like to use when analyzing my competition.

Social Bearings, it’s very easy. It’s free, which is nice, and then there’s Circleboom.

It’s a paid tool, but it’s totally worth it. It has helped me really understand what my competition is doing and inspired me to do basically the same stuff. – Number four, forget about hashtags. Hashtags are old-school and less important.

 And who uses hashtags?

Who uses hashtags which aren’t like a brand thing and who likes searches for hashtags.

Yes, hashtags are very overrated when it comes to marketing.

I think hashtags are important in communication to mean.

Like you can easily insert hashtags and put a subject line on your tweet, but for a promotion’s sake, it’s not that important. Like looking through person like Elon Musk, he uses like no hashtags.

Might have to change my twitter marketing strategy here.

Then what should we be tweeting about?

I think that you should talk to people, and you should share articles.

You should definitely talk about a brand, ask questions, and when you’ve like settled in, I think sharing your opinion and promoting your brand is gonna work.

5.engage in conversation

This seems obvious, after all, Twitter is a social network.

If you engage, you are visible. If you’re not, you are not visible. It’s so important to join in the conversation, post in threads, and engage. Okay, let’s make this totally clear.

If you engage, you’re visible. If you don’t engage, you are invisible.

I’ve tweeted at like semi big celebrities and big names and out of the blue, sometimes they just respond and interact with me, and thanks to that I build really good contacts and again, like gained momentum on Twitter.

Sometimes you just get lucky, but you have to engage to get lucky.

6. follow 30 to 50 people a day. it’s good for Twitter marketing

Sure, it’ll be some work, but it will be worth it. Following people on Twitter, is super important.

I think that 30 or 50 people each day I would consider good for Twitter marketing strategy.

I think that pushing it above 50, if you have a new account that’s gonna alert the Twitter algorithm that you might not do this organically, so I would recommend just keeping it down to 50, but then you can follow as how many as you want and ignore that it’s gonna look a bit off in the beginning.

You’re gonna have like you’re following a lot and you’re not getting that many followers back, so the ratio is gonna be off. Just ignore that, it’s gonna work out in the end. Not something you do forever, but for a while.

I’ve just every day followed, followed, followed like crazy

in the beginning and do that for a month or two.

That pays off.

Do you have a place for Twitter marketing strategy  and Twitter content  strategy in your marketing plan ? Or, ignoring the capabilities and power of this social network, have you neglected to use it to develop your business?

If you have never had a written plan for Twitter marketing strategy or are looking to strengthen your marketing in this popular social network, reading this article  on KitDone will help you. Still, before mentioning the tips and steps of Twitter marketing strategy On 2023, it is better to know a little more about Twitter and its strengths.

What is Twitter and what is exactly Twitter marketing strategy means?

Twitter is a short messaging system that allows you to send messages (tweets) of up to 280 characters (140 characters until November 2017).

Each tweet can contain a URL (to a blog post, PDF file, or whatever) and a photo or video. Since multiple concepts can be conveyed to the audience through each image, the 140-character limit for Twitter marketing will be manageable.

Twitter users can follow you, and you can follow others. This following allows you to view, reply to, and share tweets with your followers (retweet).



What are the benefits of Twitter?

Due to the limited number of characters and short messages, Twitter is placed in a group of microblogging tools (such as Plurk and Tumblr ).

Twitter has many common points with today’s most popular social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Still, it benefits from each of them, makes it different from the others:

• Facebook: Tweets are like Facebook messages; Except that unlike Facebook, which considers multiple factors to display posts to the followers of each user or tab, each tweet appears in the Twitter feed of all followers;

• Pinterest and Instagram: Twitter, like Instagram and Pinterest, allows sharing images and recording comments for posted images. Still, its possibilities and potential for forming a coherent conversation and developing the discussion are much more than the ability to post comments on Pinterest and Instagram. 


: Tweets are similar to LinkedIn status update posts, But LinkedIn’s approach is based on professional relationships and mutual trust or agreement, While Twitter allows you to follow everyone, including strangers. This feature is handy for targeting potential customers. • YouTube: Although it is not possible to create a separate channel for videos, you can send videos in your tweets or give a link to the video you want.

Considering such capabilities that make Twitter a mixture of valuable and practical features of other social networks, using Twitter in marketing can have significant benefits for business; At the same time, marketing on Twitter requires planning and taking targeted and calculated actions; So for Twitter marketing, you will need a written strategy before anything else.


How to formulate a marketing strategy on Twitter?

A targeted and planned strategy is the foundation upon which your Twitter marketing success will depend. This strategy differentiates the performance of the most influential brands compared to failed accounts on Twitter. Without a clear and transparent plan and understanding of the goals and actions that help to achieve those goals, you will only save your time and capital.

In addition, when it comes to reviewing results and evaluating performance, you will need a clear measure to prove the effectiveness of your actions. In such circumstances, it won’t be easy to justify spending more financial and human resources on Twitter marketing.

Remember that for every hour you spend researching and strategizing, and you will speed up the process of realizing your business goals by dozens of hours. With this introduction, you need to do the following:

Define success and define your goals

To start marketing on Twitter, you need to determine the answer to this important question: “Why and with what goal or goals are you active on Twitter?” For example, you could make a list of principal business goals, such as:

• generate leads and increase sales;

• strengthening customer loyalty;

• Increasing awareness of the brand and its products;

• Reducing customer support costs;

Then draw specific and measurable sub-goals from these major goals. This way, evaluating progress and proving success will be easier. For example, if your major goal is “Attract very good leads,” your subgoal could be “Using Twitter to get 30 email marketing signups per month.”

Remember that you should also take the time to assess and record the current state of your business performance. In this way, you can accurately determine your performance to achieve the set goals, prove the strategy’s effectiveness, and obtain tangible and measurable results.



– Research competitors

One of the most important and necessary measures to formulate an effective strategy for marketing on Twitter is to collect information about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. To research competitors:

• Identify your competitors on Twitter;

• Check their followers;

• Check the profiles followed by competitors on Twitter;

• Evaluate the number of posts and the amount of interaction they receive and do;

• Check what specific actions they have taken on this social network now and in the past;

• Evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and strategies they have implemented;

Then identify upcoming opportunities and gaps you can fill and include them in your Twitter marketing strategy.

– Identify your target audience

Your brand on Twitter cannot and should not be everything to everyone; In other words, you need to identify the people you’re trying to attract and craft your strategy to create value for them, not necessarily all Twitter users. In this way, you can take more targeted and practical actions that will encourage the target users to interact, eventually turn them into customers, and create a sense of favor for your brand.

– Specify the number of desired Twitter accounts

Depending on the size of your business and the goals you are trying to achieve, you can use a Twitter account; Or use different user accounts for different departments and functions of the company (for example, support, sales, human resources and the like).

Align your Twitter marketing with your other social media marketing

In many cases, different work groups of the business practically work separately. If this is the case for your social media marketing team, you can remove barriers and facilitate communication between different groups.

In this regard, it is necessary to link the marketing strategy on Twitter to the general marketing strategy of the company’s social networks so that by exploiting the records and information of other social networks in which you have been active, you can formulate a better strategy for your Twitter marketing.

Be unique on Twitter.

Although it is possible and, of course, more accessible to send the same post on all social networks, this is not an approach that will be effective and in your favor. Remember that each social network has specific features and user communities.

So, while using a single strategy for all social networks may seem like a shortcut, it will undoubtedly cost you by reducing engagement and efficiency. Consequently, it is necessary to use a specific and distinct strategy for your Twitter marketing that is unique, innovative and different.



Essential steps and tips for marketing on Twitter

After formulating a marketing strategy on Twitter, you can see a much better performance from your programs by paying attention to some critical points and taking specific actions appropriate to this social network. Here are the essential steps and points that you should consider.

1- Display your brand

Your user account and profile primarily shape the target audience’s experience of your brand on Twitter. Through this section, you can tell the story of your business in the Twitter virtual community and display the nature of your brand.

For this purpose, it is necessary that your presence on Twitter includes the same atmosphere and feeling that you have displayed on the website and other social networks of your brand. In this way, you give your business identity, and you can build trust. In this regard, you should use a username and images that match your brand and style in other situations.

Choose your Twitter username.

The username you choose will be the most effective representation of your brand on Twitter. This name will appear next to all tweets you send and is the only way to identify you and your brand on Twitter.

For a username on Twitter, you can use your name (the best option for professionals who work individually or whose expertise is the main focus of their business) or the name of your business. Avoid using different non-alphabetic symbols to make remembering and typing the username easier.

If it is impossible to choose your business name, use another similar and appropriate name.

Choose the right profile picture.

You can use two different images in the profile of your account on Twitter, and you should use both to depict and tell the brand’s story. To upload these images, you must refer to the Profile section in your user account settings (Settings).

Your main profile picture on Twitter is a square image that appears next to every tweet you send. You can put your company logo or face image in this section.

Note: Some small businesses use the business title for the username and the business owner’s photo for the profile picture. This method can give your virtual account a more real and trustworthy human personality.

Another image that you can put in your profile is a larger image called the cover image or profile header. Like Facebook, the header image is also placed at the top of your profile page. This image should also be purposeful and tell a story or topic related to your brand.

In addition, you can also change the color of the buttons and the background of your Twitter profile through the Display section so that it is more compatible with the space and logo of your brand.



2- Complete your profile information

Completing your Twitter profile is a necessity for your business. All the information and details you enter in the different profile sections will help the audience understand the business’s nature and complete your brand’s story.

In this regard, do not forget to complete the following three important sections in the Edit Profile section:

• Geographical position in the Location section: In this way, you specify the location of your business activity for the audience. By providing more details in this section and making face-to-face communication easier, you provide the basis for building more trust.

• Website address in the Website section: In this section, you can share an Internet address with users. Although usually the website address is placed in this section, it is better to design a dedicated landing page for Twitter on your website and leave its address in this section so that you can provide more relevant information to Twitter users.

• Bio section: In this section, you must introduce yourself and your company in 160 characters. Avoid expressing your goals and hopes and focus on the benefits. In addition, you can give life to your profile by adding a bit of human personality to the writings you put in this section and staying away from clichéd texts.

3- Start following other users

By following a Twitter user, you subscribe to his posts or tweets. Be careful that, especially in the beginning, you must be more careful and strict in choosing the people you follow.

To follow a Twitter user, find their profile and click the Follow button.

Keep in mind that Twitter, like Instagram, is very sensitive about the number of people you follow in the short term, So be careful and don’t rush, lest your business account is suspended in the first week. Your Twitter marketing plan be affected by behavior that seems suspicious to Twitter.

Tip: Your Twitter experience will be influenced by the people you follow, not the people who follow you; Therefore, to have a better experience working with Twitter, be more careful in choosing the people you follow.

In general, for Twitter marketing, the following groups are good options to target:

• Customers;

• business partners, suppliers, contractors and retailers;

• Competitors or colleagues;

• Commercial or specialized organizations in your field of activity;

• Local businesses;

• Businesses run by people you know (your professional network).

Usually, when you start following the users you want, you will see that some people you don’t know start following your account. This is nothing to worry about; for now, you should focus on the people you are following.



4- Start the conversation

Chatting on Twitter is different from other social networks; In the sense that everything in it is concise and valuable, and as a fast and lively social network, it has a lot of appeal for its users.

Before starting the conversation and participating in discussions, wait for a little and read other people’s writings to familiarize yourself with the prevailing atmosphere on Twitter.

Then enter the conversation whenever you feel like you have something to say.

To start the conversation for marketing on Twitter, you should be familiar with 5 types of posts that are posted on this social media network:

• Tweet: a message you usually publish to your followers using the Tweet button.

• Reply or a message that is sent in response to another tweet. 

This is a public message in which the other party’s user ID is mentioned and will appear on the home page (Home section) list of his and your followers. In addition, with each answer, the audience is informed through the mentions section in the Notifications section.

• Mention: Whenever you use an @ in a message with another user ID, you have mentioned that person. The difference between the mention and the previous one is that you don’t reply to the other person’s tweet here.

• Direct Message (DM or Direct Message): A message you send privately through the Messages section to another user. Note that sending messages to people you have not followed is impossible in the default settings of Twitter profiles.

• Retweet (Retweet or RT): A message that another person tweeted, and you share it with your followers.

5- Write smarter, more professional and calculated

After knowing and mastering the five types of posts that can be sent on Twitter, it’s time to answer the important question, “What should I write about for Twitter marketing?”

The answer to this question will be different for every business, But in general, you need to find the best balance between what your target audience is looking for and what makes your business grow.

Most businesses can reach this sweet spot by focusing on the benefits that their products and services bring to users. In this regard, you should provide useful information to your audience and answer their questions, so they consider you a valuable member of the community they follow.

This is one of the most important initial steps to attract new customers.

Writing a headline-like message for Twitter requires art, skill and experience. To create such a message, try different ways of saying the same thing and see which one gets the most interaction and reaction. Considering your limited number of characters, every word must carry weight to convey your message.

Remember that in the long run, the quality of what you share (and not necessarily the quantity) will help grow your following. As your audience grows, you need to develop a media plan for Twitter marketing.

Your media plan focuses your Twitter conversations on topics designed to engage potential customers. In addition, this program will help grow interaction and increase user activity by determining when your target audience is most likely to be active and developing a schedule for sending tweets.


6- Send traffic to your website and blog

Twitter is a suitable tool for directing traffic to the website and blog. To do this, you need to structure your tweet around a link and write a message that can convince people to click for more information.

Note that all links are automatically shortened using Twitter’s service and will occupy 23 characters regardless of the number of characters of each link, Even if the number of characters in your link is less than this number.

7- Link your Twitter activity to your other internet activities

Now that you’ve started marketing on Twitter, it’s time to make it an integral part of your business’s online presence. For this purpose, you can use the following methods:

• Put the link to your Twitter account on your website and blog. In most content management systems, it is easy to add a Twitter link to the list of social networks that appears at the top or bottom of a website or blog. Note that placing the follow button through the Twitter publishing sites is also possible.

• Timeline (Timeline) Add your Twitter messages to your website and blog. Another thing you can add to your site by visiting the Publish Twitter subdomain is a timeline or list of posts you’ve shared on Twitter.

In this way, you can expose your conversations and interactions directly to site visitors so that, in addition to receiving more visits, you can encourage them to follow and interact more.

Remember that the tweets you share should grow your business and boost your Twitter marketing; Therefore, be strict in choosing those tweets that you put on your site’s showcase in this way;

• Make it easy for users to share your site and blog content on Twitter. By inserting a link to share via Twitter below the site’s content; Also, and by using the publishing site and placing the desired text to be sent directly to Twitter, you can increase the probability of sharing the content on Twitter your audience.

Another way to stream Twitter interaction from a blog or website is to embed a tweet into the content. You can choose any tweet and put it in the article you want. For this purpose, it is enough to select the Embed Tweet option from the top menu of the desired tweet so that the relevant code is generated for you.



8- Use Twitter’s mobile capabilities

You can always keep in touch with your Twitter audience using almost any mobile device:

• Smartphones (Android, iOS) and the Twitter mobile website allow you to use Twitter and exchange messages;

• Non-smartphones using SMS: the list of supported operators and countries can be seen through this link.

Twitter has also provided the possibility of sending push notifications to smartphones so that you can be informed immediately about things such as ID mentions, retweets or like tweets, receiving new followers and receiving private messages.

Remember that fast response and reaction are significant on Twitter, so by using this feature, you will always be informed about the latest events on your Twitter account.

9- Share photos and images

Image is more attractive to people than text, So illustrate your tweets wherever possible. You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer or camera; Rather, a smartphone with image editing software or an app will suffice. In addition to regular images, you can insert animated GIF images in tweets, which you can use if necessary; be careful not to oversize the image.

All images and videos you add to your tweets will be placed in your gallery section, and the last six will also appear on your profile page. By selecting the images you tweet, you can turn this section into a showcase for your brand, especially for new visitors.


10- Send videos

Today, thanks to the high-speed internet becoming more popular, people’s interest in viewing high-quality video content has increased. Therefore, you can use this interest to tell your brand’s story or for various purposes related to marketing on Twitter.

To post a video on Twitter, you can upload it directly through the image upload section. You can first upload the desired video to another video server, such as YouTube and then put the video link in your tweet. In this way, it is possible to broadcast videos directly on Twitter.

11- Organize your followers in different groups

As the number of people you follow increases, staying focused on the information pouring in at you every moment becomes harder. You can organize your tweets and information by using the Twitter list feature and grouping your followers. For example, you can segment your followers into groups of customers, potential customers, local or partner businesses, trade or specialty organizations, inspirational people, and close friends.

As each list is created, the tweets of the members of that list will be displayed in a separate timeline. In addition, it is possible to make the lists public or private.

When you create a public list, members are notified when they are added or removed, and anyone can join your list. In private lists, everything is private, and only you can change members.

To create a list, you must refer to the Lists side menu in your profile and select View Lists from the menu next to the Follow button to view the list of other users or competing businesses. You can use the Add/remove from list option in the same menu to add or remove users from the list. Note that you can add users you don’t follow to your Twitter lists.



12- Expand your audience community by using hashtags

Most people’s Twitter experience is limited to the people they follow. Using favorite hashtags is the best way to get out of this limitation and find relevant content.

As someone looking for marketing on Twitter, you should use appropriate and popular hashtags in your posts to be exposed to interested people who have not followed you. When the user clicks on his favorite hashtag, all the tweets containing that hashtag appear one after the other.

Using trending or popular hashtags (for example, on the occasion of an ongoing conference) can help your business grow. To find suitable hashtags, in addition to always following the latest news and events in your field, you can also take help from competitors’ posts. In addition, you can create your brand hashtags. We have published a hashtag; see.

13- Evaluate your Twitter marketing performance

Your work is still ongoing by implementing a marketing strategy on Twitter and implementing the tips mentioned; Rather, you need to monitor the performance of all of your Twitter marketing efforts throughout the process and at the end.

For this purpose, it is necessary to check all the indicators you have set in the partial goals of your strategy and the extent of their realization. In case of a lack of proper performance, apply the necessary adjustments.

To evaluate various indicators, you can use the following tools:

• Twitter analytics tool: This tool is available for free to all Twitter accounts and shows good information about the interaction with your posts;

• TweetReach: This tool also shows information about the performance of your tweets, links, keywords and hashtags and the level of interaction with them.

• Twitonomy: This tool displays the statistics of your user account or any other Twitter account (e.g., competitors’ Twitter).

final word

As a fast, busy and up-to-date social network, Twitter is considered one of the best options for marketing. At the same time, marketing on Twitter is similar to any other marketing method;

it requires planning, having a strategy, going through the steps, and paying attention to certain points mentioned in this article. Combining the above tips with creativity and innovation can become a successful mix that will increase sales and grow your business

so if you have any question about twitter marketing strategy  ask it on comment thanks for reading


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